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5 Barbering Techniques for Men’s Hair

5 Barbering Techniques for Men’s Hair

Whether you’re a novice barber or well into your trade, you can always stand to deepen your knowledge of the field. Barbering is an art, which is why Hollywood Institute of Beauty offers a full barbering program. Here are five skills you should definitely know for cutting men’s hair.

1. Master the Clippers

Clippers aren’t a chainsaw-like tool, they’re often used as in home haircuts. In fact, the clippers can be instruments of extreme precision in the right hands. When using clippers, it’s important to be very careful, as they can take off large amounts of hair all at once. You can use clippers to edge up, even up cuts or over a comb to remove masses of hair all at once.

2. Learn to Taper

The technical term for tapering is “graduation,” which is when you gradually change the length of the hair from longer to shorter. Generally, the hair at the crown of the head and in the bang area is longer on men than the hair at the back and sides of the head, so you may use tapering and blending to make the transition look natural instead of choppy.

3. Use Scissors Over a Comb

Using scissors over a comb gives you control over the length of the hair, and enables you to make careful cuts of the same length so that hair looks even across the cut. It is a true skill and can be hard to learn.

4. Use Scissors Over Your Hand or Fingers

Instead of using scissors over a comb, you can also hold the scissors against your hand and cut. This is a technique often used for sensitive areas, such as in front of eyes or ears.

5. Outline the Haircut

To give that haircut the final polish, you’ll want to go over all lines where hair meets skin. This means across the forehead and the nape of the neck, down the temples and around sideburns and the line that follows the shape of the ears. Hair shows starkly against the skin, so each hair must be even with the next and smoothly blended for the whole cut to look professional.

If you’re ready to learn much more about cutting men’s hair and turn it into a career, get more information by contacting Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, and turn your passion into a trade today.

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