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5 Tips To Balance Home, School And Work While In Cosmetology School

5 Tips To Balance Home, School And Work While In Cosmetology School

Balancing work, school and life can be tough especially if you have family responsibilities. If your dream is to go back to school to earn your degree in a beauty-related field, though, don’t despair: you can definitely do it. Follow these five tips below to succeed in balancing the many demands you will encounter as a student.

1. Know What You’re Getting Into

Nothing sets people back like unrealistic expectations. It isn’t realistic to take a bunch of classes on top of a full-time job as well as manage everything at home all at the same time. Figure out where you could be flexible. Will you be able to spend fewer hours at work? Will you need help with family obligations? Will you attend school part-time? Whatever you decide, be practical about what you’re getting into. Furthermore, if you are unsure of what to expect, research and contact the school in order to better gauge what a typical schedule would be.

2. Develop a Support Network

It’s OK to let your friends and family know what you’re going through and how they can help. If you don’t have family in the area, cultivate a network among other students in your program. Perhaps you’d love for someone to take over planning your mom’s birthday party or could use additional help with family. Whatever it is, use your network when you need it.

3. Take Time for Yourself

In school, you learn all the tips and tricks for helping other people relax, but how often do you do it yourself? Perhaps you want to be a massage therapist but have never gotten a massage yourself! You don’t necessarily have to do something so luxurious, but give yourself little breaks and treats. This could include taking a trip to the movies, going on a walk and even taking an occasional day off. You need it.

4. Create a Routine

Routine is the savior of the busy. When you know exactly how to get from A to B to C throughout your day because you have done it a hundred times, your brain will relax, and your stress levels will plummet. Develop routines for work, studying, class, transportation and home — and then use them.

5. Plan, Plan, Plan Ahead!

Don’t leave anything to the last minute. Whether it’s social plans, exams, applying for your license or anything else, plan ahead. Put dates on your calendar and reference them frequently. This will lower your stress and increase your ability to balance all of your duties.

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