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5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Career in Cosmetology


Here at Hollywood Institute for Beauty Careers, our well-designed cosmetology programs equip our graduates with the skills they need for a successful and long-lasting career in cosmetology. Consider following the practical tips below as well so you can embark on your new career with confidence!

Build Your Portfolio

A picture is worth a thousand words, so if you’re in the styling field (hair, make-up and nails), every satisfied customer deserves a star in your very own Wall of Fame. Take pictures of your best styling work (with the permission of your client, of course) and use it to build a portfolio showcasing your ability and creativity. Pictures can also help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses so you can build on the former and work to improve the latter.


Whether online or face-to-face, get your name out there so people will start to recognize it and patronize your services. Online, you can follow a well-known industry name, join relevant groups or create your own following on any of the social media sites. Comment often but also intelligently and people will begin to notice you.

Face-to-face, you can advertise your services through your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc., who will relay it to their own social circles. Creating a network of loyal clients is as important as keeping your skills honed and up-to-date, so don’t neglect it.

Write a Blog

Take advantage of a website that will host your blog for free. Update your blog regularly (once or twice week is good) and keep it informative and casual. When you visit industry forums and comment, make sure your digital signature has your blog site attached so people will be encouraged to take a look. You don’t have to be a prolific writer, but do make sure you proofread your work before posting to make sure it doesn’t contain glaring grammatical errors.

Business Cards

Never leave home without them. Give one to every customer and even non-customers (your network of family and friends) so they can pass it around. You’d be amazed at how far and wide some of these cards can travel!

Take Advantage of Volunteer Opportunities

Keep your ear to the ground and be the first to volunteer for opportunities that will give you a chance to hone your skills as well as showcase your talents. Even if it’s as simple as a local play that needs help with hair and makeup, grab it. There is no such thing as an opportunity too small to take advantage of when you’re starting out in this highly competitive business. You’ll never know when a volunteer opportunity can lead to a paid gig.

Training for a cosmetology career demands a serious commitment of time and resources. As a trusted and well-known cosmetology school, the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers makes sure your training will help you launch a successful business that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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