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9 Questions To Ask When Visiting a Beauty School


When you are looking to apply at various schools or considering which school to attend, touring a school is always a great idea. Schools are always willing to show new and potential students around and let them see all that they have to offer. If you’re getting ready to visit a beauty school, there are a few questions you should be ready to ask your tour guide.

1. Is the school accredited?

This is an extremely important question to ask. Yes, you may learn what is necessary, but attending an accredited school is vital to pursuing your career.

2. How much is tuition and the down payment?

Make sure you know total tuition costs, including supplies, costs of books and materials.

3. Is there financial aid available?

This is a great follow-up question after asking about tuition. Schools approved by the United States Department of Education can offer Title IV Financial Aid to those students who qualify.

4. How long does the program take to complete?

Regardless of which field you are looking into at a beauty school, you need to know the average time frame that it takes to complete the program so you will be state board ready.

5. What skills are covered in the program?

Some schools teach different skills and techniques. For example, if you are looking into cutting hair, you may be learning several different basic techniques.

6. What does the school do to prep for the state board exam?

The next step after beauty school is your state board exam. It’s important to know what the school will do to help prep you for the exam in terms of education and hands-on time.

7. Does the school offer job assistance?

Like most students, you are probably worrying about finding a job after you obtain your license. Sometimes, schools can help lead you in the right direction to assist in finding a job that is perfect for you and your skills.

8. Will you have a wide variety of clients?

When in beauty school, you will have the opportunity to work on clients after a certain point in your education. Making sure your audience is diverse is a great way to sculpt a well-rounded career.

9. Who is teaching the classes?

Are you learning from someone who has worked for the state board or as an ex-stylist? It is important to know and have diverse teachers so that you will be prepared for your career and your state board exam.

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