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All About Body Wrapping: What to Expect When Receiving This Treatment and Health Benefits

Body wrapping is a growing trend in beauty treatments. The essence of this treatment is to better ones body and skin in multiple ways such as skin tone, body weight, and detoxification.

The Body Wrap Process

Normally, this process begins with exfoliating the skin in which dead skin cells are brushed off your body. During the process, one will lie down in whatever ingredients your particular body wrap consists of. After the ingredients are applied to the skin, a wrap holds it all in place. Wraps can either be plastic or cloth. After about 20 minutes, you get unwrapped and are directed into a wet room to rinse off. Before you’re finished, a skin moisturizer gets applied.

Once you’ve gotten your first body wrap, you’ll want to go back again and again. Here’s why:

Benefits of Receiving a Body Wrap Treatment

Some types of body wraps focus on detoxification. This essentially means ridding the body of harmful toxins that enter the body through the food you eat, and pollutants and chemicals in the environment. Body wraps offer a way for the body to rid itself of these substances while replacing essential vitamins and minerals directly through the skin. Body wrap treatments for detoxification usually involve a mud-based treatment combined with sea salt or seaweed to draw impurities out of the skin.

Weight Loss
When added with a healthy diet and exercise regime, body wraps can help with weight loss and trimming fat off of your body. Body wrap treatments can also lessen the appearance of cellulite while conditioning and toning the skin. Many different ingredients including clay, herbal extracts, and essential oils are used in body wraps when it comes to weight loss.

Skin Softening
Body wraps provide a great way to keep the skin soft. They are also beneficial if you have skin problems such as dryness, callouses, rashes, blemishes and itchy skin due to poison ivy or other irritants. Depending on your specific type of skin problem or if you simply want softer skin, different body wraps are available. For instance, a paraffin wrap helps to soothe rough skin while locking in moisture. A combination of using oatmeal and chamomile helps to relieve irritated or itchy skin. No matter which type of body wrap treatment you choose, it is bound to do some good for the skin.

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