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Answer Your Calling as a Barber

Answer Your Calling as a Barber

The barber profession is one that many people are looking to get into because, contrary to popular belief, the salon isn’t where it’s ‘all at’. Sure, the salon is cool but the barber shop is a time-honored tradition with a rich history.

So, here’s an interesting question: how do you become a barber, and what can you expect to learn at our barber school in Florida? We’re going to take a quick look at what it takes to become a barber and how you can achieve this goal.

What you Can Expect at our Barber School in Florida

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a barber? Sure, you’ve wanted to be that cool guy behind the chair, the person who knows how to get it done, and the person everyone relies on for their haircuts and even life advice. So, let’s talk a bit about what a barber is, what you can actually expect from entering the profession.

A barber is a professional who works mostly with male clients, providing cuts, trims, and hairstyles. While this is generally a service provided to males, there are some women with shorter hairstyles out there that will definitely benefit from seeing a barber. In general, the purpose of a barber is to not only provide the cut, but to ensure that the client is happy with their hairstyle and length. The most important thing to remember about being a barber is that you are providing a very visible service, and a single mistake can lead to a damaged reputation.

The barber will use a multitude of tools for their craft including:

  • Scissors
  • Clippers
  • Razors
  • Combs

While the top of the head is an important part, the barber may also be responsible for facial hair shaving and other grooming services. All in all, your goal will be to make sure that every client is comfortable and at lease during the cutting process.

Finally, as a barber, it is critical that you keep your workspace clean. Ensure that you are able to meet the state’s safety requirements regarding sanitation after each and every appointment. If you feel that you are able to meet these standards and requirements, then the barber profession might, in fact, be right for you.
Barber School in Florida

How Long Does it Take to Become a Barber?

Depending on the state, the age requirement can differ, but in most cases an individual will need to be at least sixteen years of age and holding either a GED or high school diploma. They will then need to take an approved training course and pass a state exam to become licensed. Keep in mind, however, that along with this education, it is often recommended that you seek out an apprenticeship to give yourself a bit of field experience before you take up your position behind the chair.

The actual length of time for completing your education at a school for barber in Florida will depend heavily on the type of program that you are pursing. For example, it will take much longer if you are taking part time training. The actual timetable, provided by the state will range between 1500 and 2000 hours, so be prepared for a serious commitment. Finally, in addition to the state required hours, you will need to pass the state examination, and your admission into the career will depend on how easily you can pass the exam. All in all, most people will pass the required training in 12-24 months. With that in mind, make sure you speak with the school administration to establish a timetable, and to get yourself settled into your new career as soon as possible.

Speak with us to learn more, and most importantly, to figure out the timetable for launching your career. This can be a complex process, but the end result is, without a doubt, well worth it. You can start your training, and you can even qualify for financial aid if you should require it.


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