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The Art of Makeup – How to bring out the Best in Eyelashes

The Art of Makeup – How to bring out the Best in Eyelashes

School of cosmetology in West Palm Beach

Eyelashes can be tricky to deal with since not everyone is sure how to approach them. Being able to style them effectively can seem nearly impossible for the inexperienced. Even the best cosmetologist will have to be careful when it comes to knowing how to work with eyelashes effectively.

We teach our students at the cosmetology school West Palm Beach how to work with makeup effectively. While eyelashes may seem like a nearly impossible mystery to attack, there are actually a few tricks they can tuck under their belt to bring out the best in them.

Use an Eyelash Comb to for a Fuller and Longer Appearance

Everyone’s eyelashes are a little different, but one issue people have when dealing with them is the clumping. Eyelashes are located close together so it’s no surprise when clumping starts to happen. The reason it’s a good idea to use an eyelash comb before applying makeup is the fact it gets rid of this problem. Brushing the eyelash comb at least twice when curling eyelashes will help them to have a fuller and longer appearance.

Firstly, brush the eyelashes before curling them. This will help to separate the eyelashes and prepare them for the makeup. Apply the eyelash curler and wait a few minutes after applying the mascara. Using the comb, a second time to help spread the eyelashes out and to keep them from clumping together.

Curl Eyelashes Before Applying Mascara

There are a few individuals who enjoy using mascara on their eyelashes, but they often don’t know there’s a small trick to it too. Eyelash curlers are a great way to make lashes appear fuller and longer. Using an eyelash curler before applying makeup is beneficial since the eyelashes will retain their fuller appearance.

Apply the mascara after using the curler, but never vice versa or you run the risk of pulling out eyelashes.

Use Eyeliner the Same Shade of Mascara

school of cosmetology in West Palm BeachMany cosmetologists use the makeup technique called ‘tight lining’ to apply eyeliner to the upper waterline. This technique gives the lashes a fuller appearance and helps it to appear bigger. Many people often make the mistake of using an eyeliner that’s a basic color instead of matching it to their mascara.

The reason the color matters is due to the effect. Using an eye liner the same color as the mascara helps it to blend in more and give the lashes a fuller appearance. Mascara is use as a subtle enhancement for eyelashes and the same should be applied to the eye liner used too.

Use Baby Powder in Place of Primer

Primers are similar to mascara, except they’re usually a clear and translucent. The point of using primer before applying mascara is to give the eyelashes a longer and fuller appearance. Primer may not always be on hand to achieve the longer and fuller eyelashes look, but baby powder does the exact same.

The way to apply baby powder is very simple. You simply have to dip a Q-tip into some baby powder and apply it gently to the eyelashes. Once it’s set apply the mascara normally and it achieves the same effect. The effects of baby powder compared to primer are almost exactly the same and is usually cheaper too.

The cosmetology school in West Palm Beach teaches students the ins and outs of this career field. We understand how exciting it can be to study for a new career, but not knowing what to expect. Our program covers many courses of study with each subject geared towards helping students to be prepared for their new career field. Cosmetology is about more than just bringing out the best in a client’s appearance, but how to succeed in such a challenging career field. We understand it can be difficult, but through hard work and dedication students can take advantage of the opportunities in cosmetology.


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