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Barber School Florida Basics: Why Drugstore Shampoo is going to Kill your Hair

One of the most important things you will be taught at a barber school Florida is the difference between drugstore shampoo and salon shampoo. While you might not be shampooing anyone’s hair in a barbershop, it is still critical to understand why some people see to have perfect hair and others look like they are building a rat’s nest. The truth, is that drug store shampoos are actually much less effective and much less reliable than salon grade products, but what is the difference exactly? What set is apart from other products on the market? The first, and most obvious thing that you will want to pay attention to concentration of the ingredients. Big box brands tend to scale back on the ingredients to save money at the expense of the customer. Diluted products have lots of problems and we’re going to delve into some of these.

Water Content – A Baber School Florida Basic

barber school FloridaTake a look at the bottle, does it list water right at the top? If it does, then it’s probably way too diluted. Sure it’s going to cost less, but let’s face it, you don’t want to pour excess water on your hair. Hair is highly absorbent, and too much water in it means swollen follicles. That ultimately leads to frizz and the dreaded ‘rat’s nest’ that you’ve heard so much about. You can trust us when we say you’re going to run into a lot of customers and clients that have this problem.

You can tell them about it all you want, but there’s a good chance that they’re still going to come in the next time with a head that reeks of V05 drugstore shampoo. Quite frankly I bought a bottle of that for 40 cents at a drugstore and ended up using it as hand soap.  In the end, fi a product uses too much water, you’re going to end up using more of it to get the shampoo effect that you’re looking for, and the result is definitely not guaranteed.


Alcohol Content

Alcohol is in nearly every beauty product and while it is definitely necessary it can cause problems when used in higher concentrations. If you look at the back of most drugstore shampoos you’re probably going to find that they practically use it in bulk. Okay, so we understand the need for fillers in cheaper shampoos, but alcohol? Really? It’s just going to dry your hair out and causes yet another rat’s nest. You might also damage your hair, and you’re going to see this in a lot of your clients – there’s no doubt there. Our school of barber Florida will teach you how to deal with this which is important as you’re going to see it in your clients again, and again, and again no matter how many times you warn them.

Suffering with the Sulfates

There are many different types of sulfates out there but we’re talking about sulfuric acid, the type used in shampoos to make products a bit more sudsy. The problem with these is that they tend to leave the hair bit dry, and if you want a better result, it is sometimes best to wash your hair using a sulfate free shampoo at least once per month. Naturally this is not something that you are going to see at a barber shop, but being able to recognize the mistakes that customers are making will go a long way in helping them to fix their hair.

As you can see, there are a lot of things for you to worry about when it comes to your average, everyday drugstore shampoo. Sure it might be cheaper but is the price really worth the consequences? It is definitely something that you will need to try explaining to your customers. Whether or not they listen is up in the air, but our affordable barber school Florida can definitely help to get you on the right track and prepare you to answer the hard questions.


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