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Barber vs. Cosmetologist – What’s the Difference?

Barber vs. Cosmetologist – What’s the Difference?

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers prepares you for a rewarding career in hair design. Our barber school in Florida offers a variety of trade programs – designed to secure profitable and enriching careers after graduation. In just a few months, you will have the skills and expertise to work as a fully licensed hairstylist or hairdresser in Florida. From traditional barber shops to contemporary beauty salons, our graduates have moved onto several high-profile positions and jobs. With seasoned instructors and hands-on training, we are truly one of – if not – the best barber school in Florida.

As a professional barber, you will learn the many intricacies and techniques of cutting hair. In fact, our trade program teaches you how to style hair as well –along with tapping into the current designs and trends. From shaving services to hairpiece adjustments, students also work with a variety of tools – while receiving expert instructions on cutting and coloring hair as well. Like cosmetologists, barbers are in great demand across the nation and the world. If you are stagnating in the current job, now is the right time to consider a great career as a barber.

Barber Schools in Florida Offer Many Benefits

If you are looking for an affordable barber school in Florida, go no further than the Hollywood Institute. Our cost-affordable and flexible programs have been hailed by teachers and students alike. In fact, we receive great student testimonials consistently. There are so many benefits associated with barber schools in Florida as well. These include but are not limited to:

  • Professional instruction and tuition by industry-leading barbers, hairstylists/designers, and cosmetologists.
  • Flexible class schedules, online certification programs, instructional videos, hands-on training, and quizzes/tests and live demonstrations to master the skills needed to become a Florida barber.
  • Upon graduation, you will receive employment assistance. This includes resume preparation, along with references and networking with fellow graduates and industry professionals.
  • Students can be their own bosses – set their own working hours – and even provide mobile or home-based barber services.
  • Certification also opens the doors to a wealth of new domestic or international opportunities. This includes mobile barber services, cutting hair for patients in hospitals, and even career opportunities in other countries.

Your Premier Online Barber School in Florida

barber school in FloridaAs your local barber school in Florida, we offer convenient courses for students that are pressed for time. With extensive hands-on training, our program can prepare you for your barber certifications within 66 weeks. While most undergraduate programs can take two to four years, you will graduate with the skills and certification needed to tackle the job market in less than 2 years – and you can take your certification and education anywhere you wish to work. Best of all, we are always there to guide you on the right path to a successful and enriching career.

Our school of barber in Florida also features:

  • Financial aid is available for those who qualify
  • Flexible class schedules
  • Three convenient locations – Hollywood, West Palm Beach, and Orlando
  • Social events, lectures, and seminars from leading hairstylists and cosmetologists
  • Other affordable training programs for hair design, cosmetology, massage, skincare, and beautification services.

We also offer bilingual training programs for Spanish-speaking students for some programs at some locations. Simply contact any of our schools to receive more information on program offerings. Whether studying to become a barber or cosmetologist, you will learn the latest techniques in beautifying the hair, skin or face. However, cosmetology courses mainly revolve around skincare and beautification – while barber classes are meant for hair designers and stylists. For more information, please contact us today or simply visit our site and get the results you deserve!


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