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Beauty Trends That Have Lasted Through Generations

Beauty Trends That Have Lasted Through Generations

Ah, beauty. It’s the eternal desire of men and women, old and young and of every race and creed. We all want to be attractive, and throughout the ages, pursuing beauty has taken many different forms. However, the approaches have not been as different as you might think. Below, we’ll take a look at the most common beauty trends that have lasted throughout generations.


Makeup has a time-honored place in history. The ancient Egyptians are often credited with the invention of eyeliner or kohl, which was a reigning cosmetic back in the day. However, throughout time and place, cultures have lined their eyes, rouged their cheeks and reddened their lips. Today, most of us learn makeup routines from the internet or magazines, and some people even opt to take full programs in cosmetology so that they can go on to possibly have their own business to help people look their best.


Hairstyles go in and out of fashion, but the desire to have a hairstyle has remained fairly static. Curly or straight, wavy or braided, short or long — it all depends on the culture and the occasion. That being said, curly hair has a long history of denoting beauty and class, from the ancient Greeks to the Renaissance rich, who wore wigs, to the present day, when irons and perms make curls possible.


Something with sparkle can always help you get attention. Jewelry provides just such luxurious appeal, which is why so many wear it.


Of course, we can’t forget the power of clothes. Since the dawn of time, when particular animal skins were prized for their fine texture and beautiful patterns, humans have adored clothing. Although beauticians don’t work with clothing, per se, they often have to work to match hair and makeup to the clothes being worn (such as for dances or big events), so keeping up with fashion trends is a must to ensure you have just the right products.

What to Expect From Beauty School

If you have decided you’d like to take part firsthand in continuing these long-standing traditions of beautification, you may want to consider a cosmetology career. This involves choosing the right program, submitting an application and then enrolling in classes that highlight your interests.

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