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Benefits of a Certification in Massage Therapy

At Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, we’re proud to offer a Massage Therapy Program in all four of our Florida locations. Our massage therapy school offers daytime as well as evening schedules to help just about anyone who would like to pursue a career in this exciting, creative and growing field.

Massage therapists don’t just help their clients relieve stress. Their knowledge of how to work the body’s tissues and muscles helps them relieve pain and improve quality of life after an illness or injury.

Massage Therapy Techniques

During our 600-hour program, our students learn a wide variety of massage techniques. These include:

  • Deep tissue
  • Swedish
  • Chair
  • Sports

We also teach reflexology and hydrotherapy.

Learning About the Body

Our students don’t just learn massage therapy techniques. They learn how to access things like muscle strength, soft tissue condition, range of motion and joints to recommend treatment plans that will provide the optimum feeling of relief and wellness for their clients.

We also train our students to know when a client needs to be referred to a physical therapist or other health care professional and how to work with these professionals to achieve an overall wellness plan for a client.

Employment Opportunities for Massage Therapists

When students graduate from our massage therapy school and get their state license and/or national certification, the job prospects could be bright. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that employment for massage therapists would grow by nearly 25 percent between 2012 and 2022. That’s well above average.

Once you become a licensed massage therapists, there are a wide array of locations in which you can work. Aside from massage businesses, spas and salons, massage therapists work in a variety of locations.

  • If you want to help people who are recovering from or dealing with injuries or other medical conditions, you may want to work in a physician or chiropractor’s office, hospital, clinic, wellness center, hospital or nursing home.
  • Some massage therapists prefer to work for themselves. They can do that at home or become a franchisee in a massage franchise. Some even run their own business out of their home. Others travel to offices, airports and other locations and set up a chair to help busy people who don’t have time to schedule a massage appointment relieve the stress of their day.
  • If you enjoy working with athletes, such as weekend warriors or professional ones, there are positions available at fitness centers and with sports teams.
  • If you’ve always wanted to be part of the hospitality industry and meet people of all different backgrounds, you may want to look at job openings in resorts, hotels and on cruise ships.

As our students go through their training at Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, they often find one or more techiniques of massage that appeal to them. That helps them zero in on where they want to use their skills. Often they specialize in multiple types of massage that are useful in their chosen line of massage therapy work. You can learn more about our Massage Therapy Program here on our website. You can also call or contact us online for more information.

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