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Is your Career Getting Stale? Consider Cosmetology School in Orlando!

Is your Career Getting Stale? Consider Cosmetology School in Orlando!

The usual office job may not cut it for some people who are craving something more in their career field. Cosmetology is a career where you can be creative, meet new people, and be your own boss once you’ve become skilled enough.

The cosmetology school in Orlando is dedicated to teaching students the skill set they need to succeed in their chosen career field so they can be successful.

What Growth Opportunities Are Available in the World of Cosmetology?

The career of cosmetologists is unique since it can be approached several different ways and has plenty to offer. According to BLS.Gov, the job growth for cosmetologists is projected to increase by 10% from 2014 to 2024. The demand for skilled professionals is on the rise and there will be opportunities available for talented cosmetologists. Taking advantage now with this knowledge in mind will allow students to have a chance to be ahead of the curve and well on their way into their new career.

Students learn at cosmetology schools in Orlando how to market their skills effectively and to communicate with their clients. The cornerstone of any successful cosmetologist’s career is the clientele base they manage to build up over time. Most cosmetologists get their start in a salon where they may offer one or more beauty services to their client. Starting in a salon allows for up and coming talented cosmetologists to start building a reputation for themselves and a loyal client base. Once they’ve managed to build up a base of repeat clients they have more opportunities available to them.

There have been cosmetologists who choose to work out of the comfort of their own home so they can set their own hours. This offers them excellent convenience since they don’t have to commute to a salon anymore since the clients come to them. Other cosmetologists may choose to start their own business and open their own salon so they can hire others in the same line of work. There’s opportunities to work on your own, own a business, or to continue working at a set location if you prefer.

How Long Does it take to Complete the Program?

Cosmetology School in OrlandoThe cosmetology program in Orlando can last from ten to seventeen months depending on the area of expertise students choose to focus on. Students who focus on nail, hair or makeup can expect to finish the program in his amount of time and to specialize in one of these areas. Students are required to have 1200 hours clock in for classroom and work time to graduate and thus complete the program.

We also understand students may have responsibilities outside of the college that call for their attention like work and family. We do offer online cosmetology school in Orlando for these students so their courses fit around their lifestyle. Online classes have the added advantage of being convenient since they can be done on the student’s time instead of a set schedule. Certain students may prefer the online courses to going to campus since they can work at their own pace instead of having a set schedule to head over to the college.

Cosmetology can be a rewarding career for people who are naturally creative, enjoy meeting others, and don’t like the idea of working a boring office job. The education we offer at our college allows for maximum flexibility so students can learn at their own pace and still get their work done. Students who finish the program will have the additional benefit of not only having their training completed, they will also receive their state licensing. This means you’ll be ready to open your own business upon graduation and many students have gone on to establish their own either through a booth rental or from the comfort of their own home. Getting started on your new career today is just a click away.


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