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Cosmetology Job Outlook for 2017

Cosmetology Job Outlook for 2017

Studying for a new career is an exciting prospect for many people, but one of the main concerns many individuals have when attending school is whether their efforts will bear fruit. How will they know if the career field they’re entering will be worth their time? Thankfully, Cosmetology is a career field rich with opportunities with a chance for personal growth and creativity. According to BLS.Gov, the job growth for cosmetology is going to increase by 10% from 2014 – 2024.

Why Study for a Career in Cosmetology?

Students looking to enroll in a cosmetology school may want to consider if the career field is the right fit for them. Why study to be a cosmetologist, it’s just about hair and makeup, right? While traditionally Cosmetology is the study of cosmetics and their use, the definition of cosmetology has changed over the years. The art of Cosmetology is more than just about the study of makeup, but learning about nails, skin, and hair. Our goal is to educate students in these areas of study while they’re studying in our ten to a seventeen-month program.

Hands-On Training

CosmetologyWhat’s involved when studying for a career in cosmetology? Our cosmetology school in Florida focuses on teaching our student’s real skills and giving them experiences they can apply to their career. This includes hands-on experience with real clients and class time dedicated to mastering and learning the skills necessary to maintain a successful career in cosmetology.

Clients are the cornerstone in the world of cosmetology since they’re the business necessary for cosmetologists to have a successful career. Cosmetologists who market themselves effectively can open their own salons or work from the comfort of their own home. They can set their own hours and have their clients come to them rather than working out of a salon.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has also shown Florida and the states surrounding it offer the highest employment opportunities for cosmetology. Florida has even been ranked as the fourth largest cosmetology in the United States.

What Skill Do Students Learn in Cosmetology Classes?

Studying at the cosmetology schools in Florida means students will be learning and practicing a variety of skills to make them successful in their new career. Students will gain good customer skills, learn how to do makeup and hair effectively, and develop good intuition to better serve their customers.

When it comes to working in cosmetology, you can expect to be working with the public almost every day of the job. There will be times you must deal with difficult clients and still maintain patience and a friendly disposition. Maintaining a professional demeanor, no matter the situation will help you extensively in the cosmetology field and help you to attract more clients as you continue to pursue career opportunities in cosmetology.

At our schools of cosmetology in Florida so students are taught how to choose the right color for skin tone. Cosmetologists must pay attention when practicing these techniques so they can bring out the best in their clients. Using your intuition effectively will assist you in choosing the right makeup and color combination for your client and even help in fixing color jobs gone wrong.

Cosmetology is a rewarding career opportunity that offers convenient employment and job growth. If you’re interested in learning more about our cosmetology program, please fill out the form on our homepage.


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