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Cosmetology School 101: Curly to Straight

Cosmetology School 101: Curly to Straight

Hair is a complicated medium to master, especially when a client has a specific request for an end result. Add in the fact there are different hair textures, thickness, and colors to deal with it can be a challenge every time. Thankfully, a good cosmetology school can teach students how to approach these different hair types.

The first thing to know about cosmetology is mastering the basics. No one is able to approach each of these basics perfectly for the first time, so studying them consistently is vital. Students who take the cosmetology course will not only learn the basics, but gain the skills they need to pursue a fulfilling career.

Turning Curly Hair into Straight Hair

Attending an affordable cosmetology school is a good way to get ahead of the curve. Making the decision to study a new career can make people uneasy, but once they do so they may find they quite enjoy cosmetology.

One of the challenges a cosmetologist may face is being able to turn curly hair into straight hair. Everyone is unique and this translates into hair too. Cosmetologists will often encounter a frequency of curls or frizz where the client will request their hair to be turned straight. While the process may seem difficult, it’s actually quite easy.

Consider the Brazilian Blowout Treatment

cosmetology schoolThe Brazilian Blowout, also known as keratin straightening, is simply a professional chemical treatment to get the hair to relax. The entire process takes about an hour and a half, but the results are impressive.

The first thing students will learn is to gently wash and dry their client’s hair with a towel. This procedure is done to wipe off any excess oil or other product from the hair before treatment. Once the hair has been cleaned the cosmetologist may divide the hair into several sections depending on its thickness. During this stage they will also apply the straightener and then apply a flat iron in order to seal in the product.

Rinse the Hair Out

Once the product has been sealed in for the allotted amount of time the hair has to be rinsed out. Once the solution has been rinsed out the cosmetologist has to apply a conditioning product to help treat the hair.

The hair will have to be rinsed out again and a serum or balm should be applied to smooth the hair out. Once this is done the hair has to be blow dried to complete the straightening process.

Does This Process Work for All Curly Hair?

cosmetology schoolsOur cosmetology schools cover the basics and procedures concerned with this career field, including the different types of hair students will encounter over the course of their studies. The same can be said for the different textures and styles of hair students will encounter when they start their career.

While the Brazilian Blowout is a good option for straightening out curly hair, it doesn’t always work. The process won’t truly straighten out very curly hair, but it will help to smooth it out. Deciding whether a client should proceed with the straightening procedure or not depends on their hair type and the procedures they’re willing to go through.

The best way to approach this is to discuss the options a client has when it comes to straightening their hair. Cosmetologists will have to know how to deal with a variety of personalities over the course of their career in order to determine their client’s needs. This also means they’ll have to develop interpersonal skills over the course of their career so they can open a path clear communication between them and the other person.

Cosmetology is about helping people to look their best, but it also involves a variety of other skills working in conjunction with each other. By attending our cosmetology school students will be able to develop these skills, which will enable them to pursue a fulfilling career.


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