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Cosmetology School Basics: Products that can Aid a Flat Iron

If you’re thinking of attending cosmetology school, then congratulations on making what could very well be the most important decision of your life! There are several great reasons to consider attending, and if you’re looking to make a career in the hair care industry, an affordable cosmetology school can most definitely help you to achieve your goals. Before you attend, however, you might be wondering what sort of things you’ll be learning, and how those things will contribute to providing you with an outstanding career. Today we’re going to talk about the basics of a flat iron and the products that can assist in its use. This might not be something you think about often at home, but if you’re going to make your way into the cosmetology field, you’ll want to know!

What are Flat Irons?

Cosmetology SchoolA flat iron is a device that can be purchased at nearly any retail store, but how does it work exactly? The first thing you need to understand, and something that will be taught at any school for cosmetology, is that hair is made up of proteins called keratin, and they definitely contribute to hair strength. Keratin bonds with sulfur atoms, and this bond ensures that keratin molecules remain fixed. The bottom line, is that this bond ensures that straight hair remains straight and curly hair remains curly.

Curly hair sometimes becomes a curse, especially for those who want to exhibit a different look than what nature gave them, and one thing you will learn at a school of cosmetology is how to break these bonds. If you haven’t already guessed, the best way is to use heat. Another thing you probably guessed is that the flat iron is the most popular method of accomplishing this.

When using a flat iron, the plates are heated to temperatures that usually sit between 300 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This sounds like a rather high temperature, but it doesn’t take long for the flat iron to reach the threshold, as there is very little area to actually heat. One the heat is applied it will begin to break the bonds, allowing keratin chains to move and assume a different position. Once this is done, the hair will become straight for a time, but as any cosmetologist or flat iron user already knows, this change is most definitely not permanent.

If you have used a flat iron, then there is a good chance that you’ve noticed damage to the hair, which is something that can be avoided if you know what signs to look for. For example, heat damage could result in excessive splitting or breakage. In addition to that, the hair could feel dry or appear ‘dull’. You’ll know what dull looks like when you see it, believe it or not. There are several reasons for which a flat iron can cause damage which include:

  • Cuticles are stripped off when the heat tool drains the moisture from the hair
  • Heat levels are too high
  • Failure to use heat protectant
  • Product buildup aids in heat conduction

Protecting Hair from Heat

Cosmetology SchoolIn cosmetology schools one of the most important things that you will be learning, of course, is how to protect hair from heat, which is actually easier than you would think. Heat protectant will help to ensure that when using a flat iron, your hair reacts favorably and that moisture is not drained immediately by the heat. Cocoa nut oils, for example, will douse your hair in hydrolyzed keratin protein which will serve to protect it from thermal heat – this is something that you will absolutely need to know when servicing clients, and is taught in any cosmetology institution.

What we have giving you here is just a small sampling of the knowledge that you will receive when you attend a cosmetology institution like ours. Not only is it affordable, it is easy to work these classes around your current schedule. One of the biggest problems that many people tend to run into when they are looking for a school to attend in order to further their career is finding the time to do it. Don’t worry, we’ll work with you to make sure you learn not only the amazing knowledge that we have presented in this article, but all of the other nuances associated with cosmetology. The future is bright and you have plenty of time to make it happen!


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