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Cosmetology School Isn’t Just For Careers: Learn Some Skills

Cosmetology School Isn’t Just For Careers: Learn Some Skills

Sure, beauty school is a wonderful way to kick-start a career and get going on a life of fun and fashion. But believe it or not, schools such as Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers can do more than prep you for a life as an esthetician or masseuse — they can also help you learn important life skills.

Yes, really.

Raising Kids Right

Consider the case of this single father, who became the primary parent of his toddler daughter. Having no idea how to do her hair was a daily pain for both dad and baby — until he decided to get some training. Luckily he worked at a college with a cosmetology department and quickly learned to do a wide range of ‘dos, including:

  • Topknots
  • French braids
  • Fishtail braids
  • Inverted ponytails

Now, good old dad is prepared should he ever have more daughters!

Becoming a Beauty Queen

Most women care about looking their best. If you’ve always wanted to know more about how to do your makeup and hair, take care of your skin, and do your own nails the way a specialist would, consider taking a class.

The Full Specialist program, for instance, covers skin care, makeup, nails, hair removal and basic massage, among other topics. You’ll learn how to do peels, use gels on nails, analyze skin and more. Now, you can use these new-found skills to improve your own life and improve your appearance at fancy events and everyday ones alike. Plus, here are some other things you can do with such abilities:

  • Help out your friends and family
  • Start a blog, Instagram feed or a YouTube channel and gain followers and teach people what you know about beauty
  • Open a side business to make extra money off your new-found skills
  • Become a beauty consultant

Get Your Massage On

Massage is a wonderful way to connect with family and friends. Even if you don’t want to offer massage professionally, it’s a nice skill to have, and you can develop it fully through a program such as Massage Therapy School.

Whether you’re looking to become a career beauty specialist or instead just want to learn some new talents for life, cosmetology school is a great place to do it. Get started today by checking out the programs offered by Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers.

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