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3 Careers you can do after cosmetology school in Miami

cosmetology school in MiamiAre you looking for an exciting career in the beauty industry? A good cosmetology school in Miami can help you enter into the industry of your dreams. While many people associate cosmetology with hair (and rightfully so), there are actually several different areas you can focus on.  The right school of cosmetology in Miami will set you on a path to choosing the best career option for you. A few things you may focus on include:

Cut, color and styling of hair: Many people who attend cosmetology schools in Miami focus on mastering the art of hair. This industry is competitive but promising. If you choose to focus on hair, you will learn everything you need to know to ensure you can provide excellent care to your customers.

Hair stylists learn to mix colors, work closely with skin tones and trim, cut and style men and women’s hairs. You will also learn how to manage botched die jobs properly, so you can assist clients who come to you to fix their hair.

Skin and makeup: Some students choose to focus on skin and makeup. While you will learn some of the same skills with skin tone as those who focus on hair, you will also learn about proper skin care and proper application of different makeup. You will also learn how to remove facial hair and use facial treatments to give your clients a healthy glow.

Depending on your interest, you can learn how to apply stage makeup including effect-based makeup at an affordable cosmetology school in Miami. You will train to work on a budget and how to apply makeup to enhance appearances. You will train on different makeup tools including eyeshadow brushes, fan brushes, smudge brushes and makeup blending spatulas.

If you prefer a more mainstream field, you can study to become a skin care specialist. You will learn how to use creams and lotions, to demonstrate proper application of skin regimens and how to use a variety of tools. Additionally the top cosmetology schools in Miami will train you on several machines including ultrasonic therapy machines, sterilizers and dermatomes.

Students in this field can find work as a professional makeup artist or beauty specialist. The best cosmetology schools in Miami will help prepare you for a successful career.

Nails: If you have an artistic flair, you may enjoy working in the nail industry. The best school for cosmetology in Miami will teach you how to treat hands and nails. You will also learn about feet and how treatment differs between skin types. Your courses will teach you how to maintain a sanitary work environment and how to maintain records and inventory. You will also train to use different tools including cuticle knives, scissors and nippers.

Individuals with an artistic flair may enjoy this particular focus because some positions allow more creativity with nail art and color. Choosing a convenient cosmetology school online in Miami will allow you to get the training and hours you need to obtain required licensing.

Each program will teach you how to work closely with and interact with your customers or clients as well. Because cosmetology is so heavily client focused, it is important that you have a positive attitude and a willingness to work with a variety of clients. The top cosmetology school in Miami can prepare you for a variety of different work environments.

If you love the freedom of being your own boss and enjoy interacting with new people, a job in the field of cosmetology may be right or you. Check out the front page of our website to learn more about our program and class schedules.