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Cosmetology School Tips: How to Repair Split Ends

Cosmetology School Tips: How to Repair Split Ends

When you decide to enroll in a school for cosmetology, you’ll learn a number of fascinating technologies and techniques that are used by the leading stylists and hair care experts. One of the most common problems experienced by both women and men is split ends. This type of hair damage can result in dry and damaged hair, which can then continue to cause damage further up the shaft.

Learning about some of the ways to repair split ends can be a great introduction to the kind of things you will be studying at an affordable cosmetology school like the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers.

Make Sure an Appropriate Shampoo and Conditioner is Being Used

Dry hair is a leading cause of hair damage and is, therefore, a major cause of split ends. At our school for cosmetology, you will learn that regular treatment with a deep conditioning hair mask can be a great way to repair split ends and prevent new ones from forming. While there is no actual product that can reconnect a split hair end, high-quality conditioners, particularly those that are keratin-based, will be able to provide additional moisture and nourishment that prevents the split from traveling further up the shaft. A good quality conditioner will also provide a better overall look to damaged hair.

Hair Serum Products to Moisturize and Protect Hair

Cosmetology SchoolIn between washing and conditioning, hair can easily dry out, which can lead to further damage. The best way to ensure that hair stays moisturized throughout the day is to use a high-quality hair serum product.

Serum or leave in conditioner is used after washing and conditioning hair. It remains in the hair throughout the day and helps to protect it from drying out, particularly in dry outdoor environments, or indoors where air conditioning could potentially remove the moisture from hair. Leave in conditioner or serum can also provide benefits to people who have particular hair types, such as curly hair that tends to dry out and become unmanageable.

Some special purpose high-quality serums can be combined with thermal protectors for flat ironing or blow drying, which will allow heat styling of the hair, without having to worry about it losing its moisture content throughout the day. In fact, using ionic flat irons can help to lock in the internal moisture, and may even help to prevent split ends on otherwise healthy hair.

Trim the Hair to Remove the Damaged Ends

Damaged hair ends are not going to go away, and even with the best products, the existing split ends will remain. The best way to get rid of the brittle and damaged ends of hair is to have the hair trimmed by a professional. Once you have completed your study at our school for cosmetology, this might be one option that you can recommend for your future clients. Some people will be hesitant to have a trim, particularly when they are trying to grow their hair out. However, recommending a trim will actually be better for these clients, as cutting away any existing damage will help the hair to grow healthfully, and will prevent further damage up the shaft that would lead to other cosmetic problems with their hair.

Getting the Right Training at Cosmetology School

To fully understand all of the available treatments, you’re going to need the right training. Having a background in cosmetology school will mean that you are able to provide the best recommendations for your future clients, giving them the healthy hair that they desire.

Talk to us today about enrolling in our affordable cosmetology school, and take the first step towards an exciting career where you can truly help people.


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