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Cosmetology School Tips – Tourmaline vs. Ceramic Flat Irons

Cosmetology School Tips – Tourmaline vs. Ceramic Flat Irons

Flat irons are used in our cosmetology schools to straighten curly hair and to seal in product to restructure it so it maintains its new form. Students will learn the difference between ceramic and tourmaline flat irons; and which one is preferable for a certain hair type. When using flat irons heat damage is a concern and using the wrong technique can cause irreversible issues. Knowing the differences between the two understanding the type of flat iron that’s effective on certain hair types will aide students in staying on step ahead in the industry.

Understanding Tourmaline

Students who attend our school of cosmetology will learn tourmaline is the latest in flat iron technology. The plates of the flat irons are coated with an organic crystalline mineral instead of normal ceramic. The gemstone is able to product up to six times more negative ions than the more commonly used ceramic. What does this mean for the flat iron?

Basically, the crystalline mineral is infused into titanium or ceramic plates to produce shinier and straighter hair results. Outputting high levels of negative ions means the hair comes out smoother and shinier compared to traditional ceramic flat irons. Negative ions that come into contact with dry hair that have positive ions, the result is a neutral charge. The cuticle is then forced to lay flat so it has a glassy appearance and the hair is frizz free.

Understanding Ceramic

Cosmetology SchoolCeramic flat irons are the more traditional tool used in straightening out hair instead of the new and innovative tourmaline technology. Ceramic has gained an excellent reputation for producing consistent and high quality results for at-home users and stylists alike. The inorganic, non-metallic material is able to produce the negative ions necessary to produce flat and straight hair.

The benefit of using a ceramic flat iron is its ability to heat up quickly and distribute that warmth evenly. The higher quality and more expensive flat irons use completely ceramic plates to produce a better hair straightening experience. The more common ceramic flat irons are usually made from titanium and aluminum though, with a coating of ceramic over the metal. These flat irons still perform moderately well, but using them for an extended amount of time causes the ceramic to wear off. This in turn exposes the metal beneath which can cause harsh heat, uneven distribution, and even snag hair.

Which One is the Best?

Students will learn at our affordable cosmetology school it’s not about which flat iron is the best, but which one is appropriate for certain hair types. One person’s hair may do better with ceramic, but tourmaline may not produce the same results.

Ceramic is a better choice for shielding hair against frizz, protecting it from heat damage, sealing in moisture, and getting that extra bit of shine. Sealing in moisture helps to enhance the natural shine of hair by making it appear sleeker, healthier, and bolder to the eye.

Tourmaline is able to seal the cuticle more effectively to give hair a more polished appearance. The addition of the extra negative ions also helps to prevent future frizz from occurring. The only downside is tourmaline does not work well with fine or damaged hair; it could even make an existing issue worth. Tourmaline is best used with hair that is curly, thick, or even coarse to achieve the better effect.

Both technologies should be utilized to their fullest extent for the best results. Price alone may be a deciding factor for many new cosmetologists entering their career field. Tourmaline is cheaper to make than ceramic which drives down its price significantly. Ceramic may have a higher price tag, but it’s useful for sealing in moisture into hair. There are also flat irons that use both technologies to their advantage, so the price range can vary greatly. Choose one to fit your budget without compromising its quality to get the best results.



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