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Cosmetology School vs. Four Year College – What’s the Difference?

Cosmetology School vs. Four Year College – What’s the Difference?

When studying for a new career it’s a whole change in perspective since people are building the foundation for their futures. They have to take into consideration the time, finances, and effort it takes to succeed to be successful in chosen career path. When everything is said and done though, what’s the different between going to a cosmetology school versus a four-year college?

People are often faced with the choice of going to one or the other. The differences vary depending on the type of career people study for, but when it comes to cosmetology there are massive differences.

Investment of Time

The main difference people will notice right from the start is an investment of their time. Cosmetology schools and four-year college vary greatly on this issue since our program only takes 1200 to complete which is basically ten months for students who attend during the day. Students who attend in the evening will complete the program within 17 months, but this allows them to take care of responsibilities outside of school time. This creates a better environment for the students and allows them to still study for a career while still working a day job.


One of the other major differences in the classes students take during attendance. Most colleges require students take certain classes before they can pursue their core ones like math, history, English, and others. Some of the classes students are supposed to take during four-year college don’t even pertain to their area of study which can waste their resources in trying to pursue their career field.

We teach the fundamentals of cosmetology to our students and each class pertains to the subject matter at hand. We cover important aspects of the business like how to market yourself properly, communicating effectively with customers, and other practical skills necessary for their career field. Once they’ve completed the program and graduated they’ll have the tool set they need in order to succeed in a career for cosmetology.

Which One is the Right Choice for You?

Our school of cosmetology is focused on bringing out the best in our students by allowing them to explore their creativity through the art of hair design, makeup, nail and skin care. We focus on teaching them the fundamentals of cosmetology by using the Pivot Point approach when it comes to education. Our instructors train students to think and act like the designers they want to become so they know how to approach the beauty industry head on.

Cosmetology SchoolWhile there’s nothing wrong with attending a four-year university, it takes a significantly longer time to graduate. When you’re studying for cosmetology you want to get straight to your core classes so you can learn the fundamentals of the career you’re interested in. You don’t have to waste time studying courses that don’t pertain to the subject you’re studying. Why spend four years studying cosmetology when you could be done in 10 or 17 months instead?

Cosmetology is a rich and fulfilling career choice for people who are creative, enjoy meeting new individuals, and like to have new challenges every day. Our students will be studying every aspect of the industry including makeup application, hair styling and shaping, hair removal, and even facial treatments. You’ll receive a well-rounded in cosmetology while also developing the skill set necessary to succeed.

While you’re learning about the fundamentals at cosmetology school, you’ll also learn how to provide outstanding customer service to your clients. You’ll have the chance to interact with a wide variety of personalities and people to develop the skills necessary to communicate effectively.

We care about our students and the success they seek when they come knocking at our door for help. Once you’ve completed the course graduates will quality to apply for a state license examination and employment in the beauty and wellness industry.


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