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Earn your Cosmetology Certificate and Train for Real Life

Cosmetology School in FloridaWhile the traditional definition of Cosmetology is “the study or art of cosmetics and their use,” this definition only covers part of what you would learn at a school for cosmetology in Florida.

In addition to studying about makeup, students at the best cosmetology schools in Florida, learn about skin, hair and nails. Most schools allow you to learn about different areas before focusing on one specific skillset, like hair or nails. This focus allows top cosmetology in schools Florida to prepare students for a professional career in one area.

Whether you choose to focus on hair, makeup or nails at your school of cosmetology in Florida, you will be required to undergo a 10 to 17 month program that includes class time and hands-on experience with real clients.

Cosmetology school in Florida is a trade school designed to teach students to master the art of cosmetology with a concentrated program. When you graduate, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain a successful cosmetology business.

Benefits of a Florida Cosmetology School

Cosmetology school is an excellent option for a variety of students. Affordable cosmetology school in Florida provides an excellent alternative (or supplement) to a traditional college education. Cosmetology school requires 1200 clock hours (classroom/work) time. Some colleges offer a convenient online cosmetology school Florida.

This type of education allows maximum flexibility so you can work or attend other classes while you complete your work through Hollywood Institute. An additional benefit is that once you complete your training and receive state licensing, you are ready to run your own business. Many established businesses offer booth rental and some licensed technicians even work from the comfort of their own home.

According to reports by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the job field is growing at a rate of about 13 percent, which falls in line with many other industries. The average cosmetologist made about $23,000 in 2014, with higher-paid cosmetologists averaging closer to $46,000.

As an added benefit, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also shows that Florida and the surrounding states offer the highest employment opportunities. Florida ranks as the fourth largest cosmetology market in the United States.

Useful Skills for Cosmetology School in Florida

school of cosmetology FloridaA career is cosmetology can be rewarding and fun. However, it comes with challenges. If you want to be successful in the top cosmetology school in Florida, a few skills may come in handy:

Love of makeup and hair: You will enjoy your education more fully and be more successful if you enjoy learning about makeup, skin, nails and/or hairstyles. Your education could include in-depth studies of hair textures, skin tones and skin care.

Good customer service skills: No matter what area of cosmetology you go into, you will work closely with the public. Like most customer service jobs, you may have to deal with difficult clients. A friendly disposition and patience are great personality traits to channel in the cosmetology field.

Good intuition: The best cosmetology schools in Florida can teach you how to mix color, choose the right color for skin tone and the proper manicure techniques. Paying special attention will help you master the techniques. As you gain experience, you may notice your intuition and experience will help fix bad dye jobs or even assist in choosing the right cut for your client.

Cosmetology is an exciting, rewarding career opportunity. With convenient, affordable education options you can graduate in less than a year or two, with the skills and hours necessary to hold a license and bring in a steady income.

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