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Curly to Straight – How to Straighten the most Uncooperative Hair

Curly to Straight – How to Straighten the most Uncooperative Hair

The cosmetology school in Orlando has taught students about how everyone’s hair is unique and how to care for different types. The texture, thickness, and other factors contribute to how hair can be styled and the kind of products necessary to maintain it.

One of the most common styling techniques done is hair straightening which involves turning often frizzy, curly locks into straight ones.


One of the first steps students will learn about at cosmetology schools in Orlando is preparation is key to effective styling. Even the most basic styles require preparation to ensure the hair is not damaged during the straightening process. The first step is simple, which is just shampooing and conditioning hair so it’s ready to be straightened.

During this stage, it’s best to let hair air dry so the scalp and hair are able to retain as much moisture as possible. Using a towel to get rid of the excess moisture is recommended for people pressed for time, but otherwise, air drying has its benefits. Hair naturally produces its own oils that make it healthy and gives it a nice shine. Allowing these oils to stay in the hair will help it to be healthier and have a nicer appearance while keeping it from being dried out.

Follow Directions

Beauty school in West Palm BeachWhile it sounds like common sense, students at the cosmetology school in Orlando will be surprised how many individuals will not always follow the directions on the back of the package. The same applies to hair stylists, especially when it comes to vital hair products like heat protectant spray.

The name itself is self-explanatory, it’s a spray that is applied to hair prior to straightening to help prevent heat damage. One of the mistakes hair stylists make when using this styling tool for the first time is applying a flattening iron after using the spray. They will hear an alarming sizzling sound and may even see smoke rising up from the hair. This is caused by the flat iron burning the heat spray, not the hair itself in most cases. The cosmetology school in Orlando teaches students to pay attention to small details like this before going forward with a new hair styling technique.

Brushing it Out

One of the other steps to keep in mind is to brush hair out after shampooing and conditioning it so it’s easier to work with when it comes to straightening. This will help to cut down frizz and make it easier to separate the hair into sections. Hair straightening requires the hair to be styled in small parts so the heat is distributed evenly over the locks. This prevents heat damage from occurring and ensures the hair is healthy.

Be Wary of Flat Iron Settings and Materials

Another secret to the hair styling world students cover in schools of cosmetology in Orlando is to check the temperature settings of flat irons and the difference between the materials used. The two main materials that are debated often is ceramic and tourmaline.

When it comes to temperatures, one rule of thumb to keep in mind is the thicker the hair, the higher temperature needed to straighten it. Hair that is thinner and delicate requires a lower temperature setting to be straightened out. Ceramic and tourmaline have been hotly debated in the past about which one is better than the other. Tourmaline is able to straighten out hair faster while ceramic has a more even heat distribution. There are other straight irons that are a hybrid of the two materials and provide excellent hair straightening results.

Turning curly hair into straight hair can be a tedious task, but it works it well for shinier and sleeker looking results.


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