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Dermatology vs. Cosmetology School Orlando

school for cosmetology OrlandoFor those who are new to the field, there is always going to be a bit of confusion over what constitutes the difference between dermatology and cosmetology school Orlando. The two have a number of different similarities, leading one to wonder if the two are interchangeable. In truth, however, they are not interchangeable at all, and today we are going to discuss their inherent differences, as well as what that means to you. Let’s start by talking a bit about dermatology.

What is Dermatology?

The first thing that you need to know about dermatology, is that it is a medical practice that does require a medical degree. In other words, it’s not something that you can pick up over a two-year course. So what does a dermatologist do exactly? To put it as simply as possible, without going into all of the deep, dark details, a dermatologist is responsible for diagnosing skin conditions, and of course helping to determine what effects the skin condition could have on the overall health of the patient. In many ways, an esthetician can do the same thing, but is not licensed to do so.

What is an Esthetician?

Esthetics is just one of many career choices that an individual much choose to become involved in once they are finished with cosmetology school. So what is it exactly? Where does it fit into the scheme of things? The skin is without a doubt the most visible, and therefore most important part of the human body, at least when to comes to aesthetics. That being the case, it is important to make sure that it is not only healthy, but visibly pleasing. There are many conditions that can cause a person’s skin to look ‘bad’, so to speak, and it is the responsibility of the esthetician to figure out what that cause could be. Once the determination is actually made, the esthetician will be able to recommend a skin care regimen that will help the skin to look its best at all times.

The suggestions that will be offered by an esthetician could range from various topical creams, spa treatments, and even healthy eating to ensure that the health of the body precedes the health of the skin – this is more important than many people tend to realize.

The skills obtained at a school of cosmetology Orlando in the area of esthetics can be used in far more than just a salon, though that is definitely a great place to start. A salon can even be a foundation for a great career if you wish to remain there. These, however, are the two most common venues for an esthetician to occupy:

  • Day Spas – You really shouldn’t be too surprised to find day spas on this list. They’re here for good reason, after all. Spas employ a number of different health and wellness staff, from the masseuse, to the dietician, and of course, the esthetician. Oftentimes you will find the esthetician at the spa to be the one who helps you to apply facial cream, and of course provides you with skin care tips that will help you that day, and for many days in the future. Learning to care for your skin is vital, and a good esthetician can definitely help in that regard.
  • Dermatology Offices – The point of this post is to show that estheticians are not dermatologists, but that does not mean they cannot work alongside them. There are many circumstances where a dermatologist will keep an esthetician on staff to provide complimentary care to their base services. If they do not keep one on staff, however, they may help by referring patients to the nearby esthetician

school for cosmetology OrlandoThis is a great career that of course has good implications for any patient. That being said, becoming an esthetician by attending a school for cosmetology Orlando will help to advance your career considerably, and it won’t be too long before you’re ready to head out into the world and use your skills to not only advance your career, but to improve the lives of a number of different people.

Are you ready? Apply to a school of cosmetology today and get ready to practice your skills. The esthetician career path is definitely one that you are not going to regret anytime soon.



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