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Curling Wand vs. Flat Iron – Essential Knowledge for Cosmetology Schools Orlando

Curling Wand vs. Flat Iron – Essential Knowledge for Cosmetology Schools Orlando

One of the essential aspects of preparing for cosmetology school Orlando is learning about the various tools and techniques that you’ll be using throughout your study, and into your career. If becoming a stylist is one of your goals, then you’re going to need to know about curling wands and flat irons. Both of these hair tools will allow you to create today’s most fashionable styles, and while they share some things in common, they are intended for unique applications.

At the Hollywood Institute, you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time with both of these appliances, so let’s take a look at what each one does, and the ideal scenarios when you would be using either one.

Discover the Use of a Curling Wand at Affordable Cosmetology School Orlando

A curling wand is a relatively simple hair styling appliance that can deliver fantastic results. As the name implies, it’s a wand-shaped device that consists of a handle, along with a heated cylinder that can be wrapped with hair to create voluminous curls.

As the wand is heated, it removes excess moisture from the hair and sets it in place. Think about the old style curling rollers, except, in this case, you will use a single wand to quickly apply curls to each section of hair. The benefit of a wand is that it doesn’t take as long as traditional rollers, and it is much more compact and easy to use. You don’t need to use a wand to curl a complete head of hair, and instead, it can be used just to create curls on a few sections, or simply to add a slight wave to bangs or even the ends of hair. With creativity, you would create new and innovative styles, but you’ll need to learn the best techniques by studying at a cosmetology school Orlando.

Develop Your Hair Ironing Skills at School for Cosmetology Orlando

cosmetology schools OrlandoA flat iron also uses heated elements, with the difference being that there are two heated plates that the hair passes through. It is possible to create curls, dead straight hair, or a hair iron can simply be used to relax hair or straighten individual sections.

For stylists, a flat iron is one of the most essential appliances to have. When you develop skills with using an iron, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create the looks of today, and even classic looks of years gone by. Flat irons are also used in chemical straightening procedures, providing permanent straightening with the aid of a relaxer. You’ll learn about all of this and much more if you decide to begin your career by studying at the Hollywood Institute.

Training Allows You to Work Safely

school for cosmetology OrlandoCurling wands and flat irons both use heating elements that can easily reach hundreds of degrees of temperature in a matter of seconds. The right technique is required to avoid burns, and also to avoid damaging the hair. You will learn that it’s essential to use the right temperature for certain types and thicknesses of hair, and at times you’ll need to use a thermal protector serum for hair, or even a heat resistant styling glove that allows you to get your hand close to the heated areas.

When you do master both of these devices, you’ll have the confidence required to create the styles that your future clients want. You’ll also be able to style your own hair for runway quality looks that will appear as if you’ve just stepped out of your own private salon.

If you’re ready to get started with your career, then you’re going to need to enroll in a school for cosmetology Orlando. The Hollywood institute is one of Florida’s leading schools, and we offer a variety of programs that will help you to achieve your goals. Fill out our information form today, and get ready for an exciting career in a hugely rewarding industry.


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