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Learn About Essential Serums for Hair Care at Cosmetology School Orlando

Learn About Essential Serums for Hair Care at Cosmetology School Orlando

Hair requires constant care to be at its healthiest and look its best. If you’re interested in styling or cutting hair as a career, then you’re going to need to learn from the best at a cosmetology school Orlando. At the Hollywood institute, we can provide industry-recognized training and licensure, and if you’re thinking about enrolling, then it can help to gain a basic understanding of some of the products you will be using.

While there are literally thousands of styling and haircare serums on the market, the following is a quick list of some of the most important types, all of which you can learn to use at the Hollywood Institute.

Frizz Correction Serum

At our school of cosmetology Orlando, you will learn that frizzy hair is a problem that many of your future clients will want to overcome. While some hair types are naturally frizzy, there are ways that the problem can be dealt with. Frizzy hair is often caused by dry and weakened hair, and it’s possible to use a serum that will help to moisturize the hair and create a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss throughout the day.

A frizz-free serum will usually contain keratin as a key ingredient. Keratin is the key protein in hair that prevents it from damage. By applying a keratin based serum, hair can gain volume, and the shaft will become more uniform in appearance. This can help to add weight to the hair, which reduces frizz and can even stop flyaway hair and split ends. Like most serums, a frizz correction serum should be applied after showering, when the hair is slightly damp.

Serum to Prevent Hair Breakage

Cosmetology School OrlandoBreakage is another common problem that is experienced by people who have neglected their hair care, or they may have had extensive chemical treatment or coloring in the past. Any harsh treatment will damage and dry the hair, so sometimes it’s necessary to use a serum to prevent hair breakage. When you enroll in our school for cosmetology Orlando, you’ll learn that there are a number of manufacturers that produce anti-breakage products.

While these products aren’t guaranteed to stop breakage, the better ones are effective at moisturizing and strengthening the hair. Like frizz correction serum, these products will often include keratin, but may also include oils like castor oil, or oil derived from shea butter.

Serums to Increase Hair Volume

It’s natural for most people that hair can thin with age. This problem can also occur prematurely. In cases where this is not linked to a pattern balding condition, a volume serum can be used. This type of serum provides nourishment to the hair, and it can provide nutrients and stimulation to hair follicles. Using a product like this can slow a receding hairline, and it can help hair to become thicker and stronger. With your training at the Hollywood Institute cosmetology school Orlando, you’ll be able to learn when it is appropriate to use a serum on one of your future clients.

Learn About the Best Serums at our School of Cosmetology Orlando

Not every serum will be right for every client, so it’s important that you learn about the structure of hair, and how various serums and ingredients can impact it. At the Hollywood Institute, you will receive expert training in hair care and other areas of cosmetology. You’ll also have the opportunity to work under supervision in real-world environments, allowing you to hone your skills and gain expertise.

If you’re ready to get started with a new career, then fill out our information form today to learn about upcoming enrolments.

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