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Four Fun Facts about Hair from a School of Cosmetology in Florida

Four Fun Facts about Hair from a School of Cosmetology in Florida

The world of cosmetology is interesting and people who choose it as their career will be able to express their creativity through the use of hair styling, makeup, and hair and nail care. Many individuals have even taken it a step further by working out of the comfort of their own home or opening their own salon. Cosmetology is rich with opportunities for those willing to seek them out and there’s room for personal growth too.

We take pride in our school of cosmetology in Florida since teach our students the fundamentals of this exciting career field. We understand how studying for a new career can be stressful when you consider all the time and resources it takes to be successful. Studying for cosmetology doesn’t have to be a serious venture though, it can be fascinating too. We wanted to share four fun facts about hair with potential students so you can get an idea of how fascinating the world of cosmetology truly in today’s age.


Hair is mostly made out of keratin which is a protein that protects the epithelial cells from stress or damage. The protein is also the key structural material that can be found on the outer layer of human skin. Students who participate in our school of cosmetology in Florida will learn how to perform keratin treatments.

Keratin treatments are a straightening process that transforms unruly and frizzy hair into straight and shiny locks. The high temperature of a flat iron forces the keratin to be infused into the hair, effectively sealing the cuticle and repairing any damage. When the treatment is complete the hair is smoother and strong afterwards as a result.

Alive or Not?

One misconception people have about hair is that it’s alive and grows from the ends instead of from their head. If your hair had nerve endings all the way to its tips, getting a haircut would be torture. The truth is that all of your hair is dead, so getting a trim to deal with split ends will help your hair to ‘grow’ better. You’re just cutting through dead hair that will eventually either be cut off or in some rare cases may even fall out.

The only exception to this fact is the hair that is still inside the epidermis of the scalp. The hair there is living, but once it exits it’s completely dead.


School of Cosmetology in FloridaOur cosmetology school Florida covers a variety of topics and subjects pertaining to the proper health and maintenance when it comes to hair. People often assume the only information their hair carries is DNA at best, but did you know it’s also commonly used for forensic evidence?

Ever heard of the tame ‘you are what you eat’? Hair may die once it exits the epidermis, but when it’s still alive it absorbs what goes into your body and enters the bloodstream. This includes any type of drugs which is why it’s a valuable source of information in forensic evidence.

True Weight

Every had your hair pulled roughly or caught on something by mistake? When you pull or yank back by accident it hurts, right? The idea of being pulled by your hair is pretty painful to consider to say the least, but it’s actually more powerful than people give it credit. Each strand of hair can support at least 100 grams of weight. When you multiply this number by the 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair found a head, the hair could technically support the weight equivalent of about two elephants.

Hair is far more interesting than people give it credit for and even plays an important role in forensic evidence. Caring for your hair properly is one of the cornerstones to cosmetology and even small facts like these can be used to impress customers. Cosmetologists may also be referred to on how to administer proper care for hair and how to keep it healthy.


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