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You’ve Finished Cosmetology School in Orlando – Now What?

You’ve Finished Cosmetology School in Orlando – Now What?

Cosmetology School in Orlando

Our cosmetology school in Orlando offers a unique experience for people who want to pursue a new career. The programs have 1200 hours work of training so students are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in their new career field.

Once you’ve enrolled in your program you will be fully prepared to work in a professional environment with likeminded individuals who are passionate about their career. Cosmetology is a field where creativity, independence, and meeting new people is possible due to its wide area of study.

What’s the Job Outlook for This Field?

Hollywood InstituteWe understand the time and energy training for a new career is a life changing investment for our students. Our goal is to help our students to set up a good foundation for their career so by the time they receive their degree they’re ready to enter their field. The main concern our students may have upon receiving their degree is the job outlook for their chosen career field. What kind of growth can they expect in the upcoming years and the kind of opportunities they’ll have a chance to pursue?

According to the BLS.Gov website, the cosmetology field will see a 10% growth between 2014-2024. This information is good since it’s a strong indication there are positions available for people in this career field. This job growth is faster compared to other job openings since there will be an open demand for trained professionals.

Where Can You Expect to Work?

Starting after attending our cosmetology schools in Orlando can be a challenge for some individuals, but we do our best to ensure each of our students is well equipped to have a good start when they enter their chosen career field. We have placement assistance so you have a leg up when attending our school. Work environments vary for cosmetologists since they may end up working on their own or in several locations over the course of their career.

The majority of professionals in this career field usually get their start in a salon or barbershop. Salons are a popular choice since they offer a chance for a new cosmetologist to meet clients, learn how to market their services, and to build up a loyal clientele base. Cosmetologists may work full time at these locations, but many may choose to go with a part-time position. In 2014, half of the cosmetologists working were self-employed, so there’s ample opportunity to set your own hours too.

Why Are Clients Important for a Successful Career?

Cosmetology School in OrlandoOur school of cosmetology in Orlando teaches students about business management and interpersonal skills to allow them to work more effectively with clients. Being able to market one’s self in such a challenging and competitive work environment is important in order to get more clients and in exchange better business.

Clients are the lifeblood of this career field since they offer an opportunity for a cosmetologist to work from home on their own time if they have enough people requesting their services. The best clients are the ones who come back and specifically request a certain cosmetologist because they prefer them over anyone else. This repeat business means more profit, a happy client, and a cosmetologist who has earned another loyal customer. The more repeat clients a cosmetologist has, the better they’re prepared to set their own hours if necessary. Learning a client’s particular preferences when helping them with their beauty services is also another good way to keep them happy. Most of the time this can even make the work easier on the cosmetologist’s part because they know exactly what their client wants ahead of time.

Cosmetology is an exciting and creative career field for many people who like to take advantage of the opportunities available. There are challenges to overcome, but we make sure to help students to be prepared professionally to enter their career field. They’ll be equipped with the tools they need to pursue a successful career in cosmetology.


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