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Florida Barber School – Three Reasons Curly Hair Doesn’t Stay Straight

Florida Barber School – Three Reasons Curly Hair Doesn’t Stay Straight

Students learn at the barber school in Florida getting curly hair to stay straight requires a range of techniques and treatments. Keratin treatments, flat irons, home remedies, special shampoo and conditioner products; and yet it in some cases it doesn’t seem to stick. The reason some of these treatments don’t get the job done has to do with several factors. People who struggle with keeping their hair straight, only to have it curl up again can benefit from knowing the true cause of the problem. Getting to the root of the issue may help them to conquer their unruly, curly locks so they can enjoy straight hair.

Long Hair, Not Short Hair

Short hair has a greater tendency to curl than long hair, which makes it harder to straighten out. There’s difficulties with straightening out short hair since there’s less to work with, so there’s a greater chance it will curl despite treatments. People who desire straight hair should allow it to grow out for at least three months. This will allow the hair to reach the sufficient length for treatments to set in properly and prevent it from curling.

This doesn’t mean skipping regular trips to the barber completely though, visiting every few weeks is still recommended. Getting a small trim to get rid of split or dead ends will keep hair looking nice and healthy. Split and dead ends of hair are one of the main reasons it curls in the first place, so taking care of the issue helps people to stay ahead of the curve.

Not Using the Right Products

Florida Barber SchoolOur school for barbers in Florida covers the many treatments and products that can be used in hair. Hair products are astounding in their variety, since they can be used to change its appearance drastically. Basic shampoo doesn’t make the cut in helping curly hair to straighten out when it should. Instead, opt out for a shampoo that is labeled with ‘straight’, ‘sleek’, or smooth to wash hair with. Using a conditioner for the same label will improve the straightening effect, but a regular one will do.

Once the hair has been thoroughly washed dry it gently with a towel, but not completely. Apply straightening gel or mousse to the hair next if necessary. Wet hair absorbs these products better than dry hair and will straighten out more from gel or mousse applied immediately after a bath or shower.

Avoid brushing hair when it’s wet, it won’t help to straighten it out. Hair becomes weak when it’s wet and brushing can damage it. Brush your hair before taking a shower instead so it will help to straighten it out without causing any damage.

Not Applying When Necessary

Once hair has been straightened out, keeping it that way is the next step. Even the best hair straightening products and treatments can only go so far without a bit of aftercare throughout the day. Keeping hair straight the whole day can prove to be a bit of a challenge, so applying some anti-frizz serum or hairspray should help.

This is recommended for climates that are warm and humid since hair tends to curl in these types of weather conditions. The hair type a person has also varies and how much frizz or curl they may see from their hair. Just remember to apply product as necessary and keep up straightening treatments to maintain the appearance of your hair.

Students will learn at our barber school in Florida how to handle and treat different hair types. Hair comes in a rich variety including texture, thickness, and even color that varies between people. They will also learn how to properly treat damaged hair and to advise their clients on the ideal products for healing damaged locks. They will also learn about several hair straightening treatments and products to get rid of stubborn, curly locks.


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