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Four Jobs Skin Care Schools Can Lead To

Four Jobs Skin Care Schools Can Lead To

Skin Care Schools

According to the BLS website, skincare specialists were making a median salary of about $30,090 in the 2015 year. Higher payed percentile worked in nursing care facilities, general medical, outpatient care centers, and surgical hospitals. The employment growth for this industry is supposed to increase by 12% between 2014 to 2024, faster than average than other occupations. Finding new career options after graduating skin care school isn’t hard since the industry is rip with opportunities. There are many careers that can result from gaining an education in skin care, with many of them being a specialization in certain areas of study.

1) Esthetician

Estheticians usually work in a spa or salon once they receive their degree and have a host of responsibilities. They make sure the customers feel relax and pampered during their visit by providing them with pore cleansing and exfoliation treatments, facials, polishes and body wraps, aromatherapy, and even foot reflexology. Other treatments can include waxing treatments and hair removal too alongside other spa treatments.

Professionals in this career field come to learn strategies about bringing out the beauty of the skin using a variety of services including microdermabrasion techniques, skin analysis, makeup artistry, skin care regiments, and more.

2) Paramedical Esthetician

The paramedical esthetician career field, also referred as an aesthetician is a skin care specialist in the medical field. Their job is to assist doctors in treating people who suffer skin problems due to trauma or medical issues. These licensed specialists usually work in a doctor’s office or a medical skin spa, but they can also be a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Their main responsibility is helping people to keep their skin healthy and to take care of it.

3) Spa Manager

skin care schoolThis position is usually acquired by people who have been working in their career field for years. They know the ins and outs of the business and how to work with a variety of people and handle day to day operations. The spa manager is usually responsible for the bookkeeping for the business, vendor and payroll payments, and keeping track of all outgoing and incoming inventory. They make sure to keep the business running smoothly and to stay up to date on the day to day operations.

Spa managers do have to keep good employee relations since it lays at the heart of their business. They will often conduct the training, hiring, and firing of employees when necessary. They must also provide performance reviews and disciplinary actions according while keeping track for their employee’s work performance.

4) Wax/Hair Removal Specialists

Referred to as waxing therapists, people in this career field are responsible for the hair removal of their clients. Hair removal allows people to feel confident and feel smooth; it also prevents hair from growing back right away. There is almost no area of the body that people won’t get waxed including their bikini line, eyebrows, and even their toes. Men and women may visit their waxing therapist regularly for a little female grooming or man scaping to keep up their appearance.

Waxing is performed by placing hot wax or a strip with the wax on the area where the hair will be removed. The wax traps the hairs even if it’s growing in different directions; which is why it’s the preferred method for removing underarm hair. The wax or strip is then removed, taking the trapped hair with it and yanking it out from beneath the skin. This leaves the skin smooth and hair usually won’t start growing back for several weeks.

There’s many career options for people who have graduated from one of our school of skin care. Schedule an appointment with us today so you can take the first step towards your new career.


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