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Four Jobs You Never thought of Taking after Cosmetology School

Four Jobs You Never thought of Taking after Cosmetology School

Cosmetology School

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers was first founded in 1974 with the goal of providing people with professional training in the Cosmetology Arts. Students will cover a variety of subjects in this field including wellness, beauty, and health in their chosen career fields.

Our cosmetology school is proud to provide students with an education on the cutting edge of the cosmetology industry. We continually update our program and curriculum offerings so we are better enabled to serve our students. We understand preparing for a new career requires months of hard work, dedication, and study in order to pursue opportunities in their new field. One of the aspects of cosmetology is the skills learned at our school can be applied to a variety of careers and even specialized.


One of the most obvious careers when studying in this field, but being a cosmetologist means an individual in this career field can hone their skills. Cosmetologists do hairstyling, haircutting, and provide a wide range of beauty services to their clients. Once they receive their license they will often start off in a salon or barbershop to build up a loyal clientele base and gain a reputation.

Many people in this career field work full time, but part time positions are quite common too. According to the BLS.Gov website nearly half of the individuals in this career field were self-employed, so there’s a high chance for people to set their own hours. Physical stamina is important since cosmetologists are on their feet working, especially when they’re doing a shift. Later, a cosmetologist may decide to specialize in one of their areas of study or offer a variety of beauty services to their clients.

Manicurist/Nail Technician

Cosmetology SchoolThe manicurist or nail technician career path focuses on the shape, beauty, and cleanliness of toenails and fingernails. This career field is often a specialization of cosmetology with many individuals usually working in a hair or nail salon and even a spa to build up their reputation. Unlike the cosmetologist, manicurists sit on the job since they’re working on the nails of their clients.

There are a few manicurists in this filed who own their own mobile grooming company so they can travel directly to their client’s house. According to the BLS.Gov website, about three in ten manicurists were self-employed, many of them either owning or running a nail salon.

Salon Manager

The salon manage position is for individuals who have proven themselves for several years as either a stylist or a cosmetology technician. They usually work at a salon or spa until they’re either promoted or run their own business.

Salon managers have an array of responsibilities, which includes keeping track of the day-to-day operations at their facility. They have to manage the schedules and performance of their employees, ensure customer satisfaction, and even continue working in the salon when needed. Other responsibilities including supervising and firing employees, conducting interviews, training, and hiring new people when necessary.

Make-up Artist

affordable cosmetology schoolsThe make-up artist is another specialization in the cosmetology career field, which individuals can work with a team or choose to be a freelancer. People in this career field will usually work in the cosmetic service industries, fashion, and even entertainment depending on their experience.

The exciting aspect of a make-up artist’s career is being able to visually transform peoples’ appearance to fit their role. This includes not only make-up, but wigs, paint, and other accessories for special events or live performances. Make-up artists will usually work in a variety of environments that can range from theater sets to spas.

The job prospects from a good education in an affordable cosmetology schools are astounding when put under the microscope. Students will learn the basic skills necessary to pursue these types of careers and from there, can decide for themselves if they wish to specialize. Feel free to give us a call and get started on the road to your new career.


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