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Four Piece of Equipment You’ll Learn to use at a Cosmetology School Florida

When you attend cosmetology schools Florida there are certain pieces of equipment that you will be learning about as a matter of course, all of which are very important in hair care routines. We’re going to discuss four common pieces of equipment that you’ll see or gain hands one experience with. Remember, it’s all in the interest of making sure that your customers get the care they need. Let’s take a look at the four most common items you’ll see – it won’t be too long before you’re using them at your own station.

Blow Dryers – An Important Implement at Cosmetology School Florida

Cosmetology School FloridaBlow dryers are often mistaken for hair dryers, but they’re slightly different. A blow dryer is a handheld unit designed to get the hair dry after a shower or shampoo. The higher end models feature more heat settings than the home models, but aside from that you’re going to find three different types floating around the professional world.

CeramicThere are multiple ways in which a blow dryer can utilize ceramic. Most often you will see this as the heating element, but sometimes it is simply used as a coating on the internal components of the dryer. The idea is to create infrared heat which penetrates the hair shaft. This action will help to preserve the hair’s natural moisture.

IonicIonic hair dryers take advantage of a natural phenomenon that occurs when hair is wet and breaks up the water molecules. It then allows smaller droplets to penetrate the hair shaft, allowing the hair to dry while remaining shiny and free of frizz, which is definitely a plus if you are in a humid environment.

TourmalineTourmaline is a mineral that only produces negative ions when heated. Many internal parts of the hair dryer are molded from tourmaline, but it must be understood that tourmaline is a precious and rare gemstone, meaning these hair dryers can become very expensive. You will see them at salons and certainly at a school of cosmetology Florida, but you might be hard pressed to find them in the average home.

Hair Dryers – A Slightly Different Category

These are not to be mistaken with blow dryers, though to be perfectly honest, they most often are. Instead of a handheld device, this is a completely hands off drying station that promotes slower drying and provide a full head solution rather than a localized drying method. The setup uses a hood along with a motor and fan which will produce the necessary hot air while ensuring that the hair does not become frizzy or messy in the process.

Hair Straighteners – The Best way to Straighten Things Out

You’ve probably heard of hair straighteners and there is a good chance that you’ve used one at some point, but do you know how they work? There are many people who believe they simply emit heat, which is true, but there is a bit more to it. Hair straighteners distort and seal the hydrogen bond in hair which temporarily relaxes a curl using the heated iron. This is a temporary measure but it does the job well if performed regularly. Most salon hair straighteners are much the same as any you would find in the home, but the difference lies in how you use them.

Hair Clippers – Taking a Bit off the Top

Clippers are a necessary piece of equipment in any salon, there is no way to argue that. They typically come with multiple attachments and are able to finish the job in the event the scissors don’t get it all. No cosmetologist’s arsenal would be complete without a set of hair clippers, and our affordable cosmetology school Florida will give you the skills you need to use one properly.

There are many different pieces of equipment that you’re going to learn to use while you’re attending our classes but these four are the most common. As your expertise with these items grows, you will be better able to please your customers and establish yourself in your chosen career.


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