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Four Tools Every Barber Needs

Four Tools Every Barber Needs

If you’re interested in starting off your career as a professional barber, then you’re going to need to learn about all of the tools of the trade. The tools a barber uses will have a direct impact on the quality of their work, and using the right tools can make the difference between a botched job and a great hairstyle.

If you’re thinking about studying to become a barber at our affordable barber school Florida, then this quick list will help you to familiarize yourself with the four most important tools you will be using throughout training and on the job.

Tools You’ll Learn to Work with at Barber School Florida

#1 Professional Scissors

Barber cuts often make use of electric clippers, but scissors are still an essential aspect of any modern or classic cut. Scissors used for barbering are not all the same, and once you start practicing with scissors, you’ll want to be using the best that you can possibly afford. High-quality scissors cut better, they allow you to work faster, and they last for longer.

Starting off with some good quality scissors made from high-grade stainless steel can mean spending about $30 – $50 on your first pair. While this might seem a tad on the expensive side, you’ll appreciate the quality as you begin to use them more. Professional scissors will be weighted for better control, and they’ll also be ergonomically designed and will feature a high quality tensioning screw system. You can talk to an expert at barber school Florida if you need brand recommendations.

#2 Straight Razor

A straight razor is able to provide a shave that is closer and truer than any other razor type. Most importantly, unlike modern razors, a straight razor won’t remove the top layers of skin, so there is less chance for ingrown hairs when shaving necks, napes, and beards. You’ll learn about the best shaving and beard styling techniques when you study at our barber school Florida, and a straight razor will be an essential part of your tool set.

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#3 Electric Clippers

Your electric clippers should be powerful, and they should have great build quality. Having powerful clippers will mean that you won’t have to worry about struggling through thick or unruly hair, and will make it easier to work efficiently and achieve the styles that your future clients are looking for. Clippers will always have a place in a barber shop, so you’ll be learning plenty about them during your training at our affordable school barber Florida.

#4 Combs and Brushes

This one might seem obvious, but as you will learn in barber school Florida, there are a number of different comb and brush types that you will need to use throughout your training and in your career. Different types will work with different hair types, and you will even use different accessories for different types of cuts. With some modern cuts, you may even need to use clips to separate sections of hair.

You’ll also need other basic accessories, including neck dusters, a sanitizing solution for your tools and accessories, and you’ll need to keep your blades and clippers regularly cleaned and oiled.

Learn the Trade at Hollywood Institute

If you want to develop your skills as a barber, while learning all of the tools that can bring you success, then it’s time to enroll at our affordable barber school Florida. Contact us today to enquire about tuition fees, financial aid, and schedules for upcoming programs. Starting a career in the beauty industry could open up future opportunities to you, and we are here to provide you with all of the knowledge that will ensure your success.

Our courses are accredited by NACCAS, so you’ll be able to get recognition in the industry, even right after you graduate. Call us today or simply fill out our contact form online.



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