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Frizzy Hair Tips from Your Cosmetology School in West Palm Beach

Frizzy Hair Tips from Your Cosmetology School in West Palm Beach

Whether you want to overcome your own problems with frizzy hair, or you’re simply interested in some of the techniques you might learn at a cosmetology school West Palm Beach, the Hollywood Institute is here to help you. Throughout years of developing ourselves as one of the top cosmetology schools in Florida, we’ve developed more than a few proven techniques to overcome frizzy hair.

Whether it’s through changing a hair routine or using different styling products, these tips are not only effective, but they can be trialed at home as you plan your future in the health and beauty industry.

Affordable Cosmetology School West Palm Beach Frizzy Hair Tips

Not every technique you learn at cosmetology school will be based on a commercial product. There are some hair care methods that feature basic household products, and while these might not be used in a professional setting, they can help you to understand how hair works and reacts to various substances. Vinegar is a substance that you probably associate mostly with cooking, but it can actually be used for hair care in some scenarios. Don’t use a high acidity white vinegar, but instead use apple cider vinegar to strengthen and smooth hair, and potentially reduce some of your unwanted frizz. By mixing a tablespoon with clean water, you can use it to massage into your hair like conditioner. You’ll want to leave the mixture for about five or ten minutes before completely rinsing it out. If you do this twice a week, you will notice an improvement in frizz, and your scalp will also be cleaner and healthier.

Cosmetology School in West Palm BeachAnother way to reduce frizz is to reduce the frequency at which you shampoo your hair, or move to an organic shampoo that uses less detergent. As you will learn at cosmetology school online West Palm Beach, some commercial shampoos are far too harsh for frizzy hair types. Daily shampooing can strip moisture and natural oil from the hair, leaving it brittle and prone to frizz and tangles. Even when you’re using conditioner, it might not be enough to undo the damage caused by shampoo. One way to overcome this is to shampoo less often, which can be achieved by simply skipping a day. You can still condition on the days that you don’t shampoo, and this will allow for a mild cleanser that prevents your hair from becoming greasy or too heavy.

Finally, our third tip would be to use a hair serum that has been specifically designed for frizzy hair. Serum creates a protective barrier that locks in moisture and keeps hair soft and manageable. When your hair stays moisturized, it will be less likely to create frizz, flyaway hair, or ‘big’ hair that is hard to tame. Serums can be used in addition to a normal hair routine, and you could also consider other types of hair product when you think of serum. As an example, a leave in conditioner would work similar to a serum and would prevent your hair from drying out during the day. Similarly, a natural hair oil like shea butter or castor oil could be used to add weight and volume while also moisturizing and smoothing the hair.

Become an Expert by Studying Cosmetology School West Palm Beach

Hollywood InstituteAt the Hollywood Institute, we can provide you with the skills that you need to become a stylist, barber, or hair care expert, allowing you to use the most advanced and effective treatments on frizzy hair, or hair of any type and condition.

If you’re ready to start planning your career and enrolling for study, then contact our cosmetology school West Palm Beach today. You can simply fill out our web form, or give us a call for more information.



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