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Full Specialist vs. Specializing In One Field

Full Specialist vs. Specializing In One Field

If you’re considering a career in cosmetology, one of the main questions you’re probably asking is whether to become a full specialist or to specialize in one field and narrow your scope of practice. Because both have their benefits, we’ve outlined them below in more detail, so you can get a better idea of each one.

Becoming a Full Specialist

Perhaps you want to do it all, or you just want to keep your options open without waiting to attend school. In either case, full specialist training might be the best bet. As a full specialist, you’ll learn to:

  • Consult on and analyze skin, perform facial cleansing and massage techniques and aid with hair removal
  • Offer microdermabrasion, glycolic and botanical peels
  • Use cosmetics and their beautifying effect to help your clients look their best for a special day
  • Care for clients’ nails, including professional manicuring, the chemicals involved, gels, drill use and more

Becoming a full specialist gives you a firm grounding in cosmetology and allows you to serve a wide client base and work in salons that offer a range of services. However, if you feel one particular aspect of beauty calling to you above all others, you’re probably a good candidate for specializing.

Specializing in One Field

If it’s in your nature to help people relax, relieve stress, heal from injuries and generally feel good, massage therapy school could jump-start a great career for you. Maybe you’d like to work in some beauty components alongside your massage training. In that case, esthetician and massage school might be appropriate. As a specialist, you have many other options, as well. For example:

  • You could focus on cutting men’s hair
  • Maybe you’d prefer to provide designer nail services to clients all day
  • Perhaps you’re best suited to a skin-focused career

Whatever the case, choose a path that suits your nature and can offer career options full of people and work you love. Only then will you possibly be happy and do the best job you can.

If you’re uncertain about becoming a full specialist or choosing to hone in on one particular skill, it’s OK to take some time to decide. If you think you might benefit from talking to someone at a professional cosmetology school, you can get in touch with us at Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers.

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