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Gel Nail Basics from our School of Cosmetology in Florida

Gel Nail Basics from our School of Cosmetology in Florida

The world of cosmetology is an interesting place constantly filling with new innovations in technology and ways to provide beauty services. One of the latest trends in the industry is the introduction of gel nails. Students who attend our cosmetology school in Florida will learn about the growing trends in the industry and how to meet them head on. They’ll understand how to provide the requested beauty services to clients while staying on top of the latest trends and technology in the industry.

What Are Gel Nails?

Gel nails are the latest trend in the world of cosmetology, but what are they? Gel nails are a natural looking enhancement that are non-yellowing, non-porous, thin, flexible, and clear. Gel nails are often used as a natural nail overlay, a tip overlay, and even sculpted down to shape to form a short extension. The gel nail surrounds the edge of the nail so it’s damage free as it grows out naturally. When the gel nail is damaged, fiberglass or silk can be applied for repairs or added for additional strength.

What Purpose do Gel Nails Serve?

Students will learn about beauty services at the school of cosmetology in Florida. This includes techniques used and advice on how to properly take care of a client’s nails and even make them healthier. Gel nails fall into this category since they serve a special service in helping nails to maintain a nice appearance, but to even provide a few health benefits to them in the long run.

Gel nails are meant as a long term application to help the natural nails to become beautiful, long, strong, and healthy underneath the gel. The gel acts as a bonded base coat that protects the nails from chipping, cracking, peeling, and splitting throughout the day. Basically, a nail enhancement to strengthen them and keep them safe throughout a person’s daily schedule.

How are Gel Nails Different from Fake Nails?

There’s a major difference between fake nails and the gel variety many people don’t understand since it’s still a trend that’s gaining speed. Gel nails are used as an enhancement that are applied to the natural nail that over time is supposed to strengthen them. Gel nails basically a protective shell around the natural nail to allow it grow while preventing it from becoming damaged due to everyday use.

Fake nails, on the other hand, have a major difference since they’re not precisely acting as a protective coat. When fake nails are applied they have to be removed at some point since the natural nail is growing underneath. Leaving fake nails on for too long may damage the nail underneath and they don’t often hold up well to a busy schedule.

Why Would Someone Choose Gel Nails Over Fake Nails?

Cosmetology schools in Florida teach students a variety of techniques and ways to care for complex systems on the human body. This includes how to properly care for and maintain nails since they’re fragile. Gel nails are meant to be used long term to continue strengthening the nail to allow it to grow naturally. When the nail continues to grow, with the protective layer of the gel there’s less of a risk of it becoming damaged. Repeated applications of the gel allow the nail to grow longer, be healthier, and even to become stronger.

Fake nails are a lifestyle choice too, but they’re temporary and short term. While they may offer some protection to the nail, in the long term they don’t offer the same benefits as the gel. They tend to break off in segments, becoming chipped or worn, and there’s even the risk of the client hurting themselves if they accidentally rip the fake nail off.

Gel nails are excellent since they encourage natural growth of the nail and give it a protective layer. They feel natural, are odorless, thin, flexible, and there’s no lifting necessary.


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