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Guide to Becoming Certified in Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the latest advancements in permanent hair removal. It is becoming increasingly popular among men and women alike, especially right here in Florida where swimsuit season lasts all year.

At Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, we offer our Laser Hair Removal Program and the prerequisite for entering that program, is our Electrology Training Program, at our Hollywood, Orlando and West Palm Beach schools.

Our comprehensive electrology training is 320 hours. We offer a daytime program, which students can complete in four months, or an evening program that lasts five months.

We teach the newest methods of electrolysis hair removal, including blend, galvanic and short-wave. Each student receives personalized attention from our teachers to ensure that they get hands-on experience. Students don’t just learn how to perform electrolysis, instead they learn how to choose the best, most effective method for each client.

Prerequisites for our Laser Hair Removal Program

To enroll in our Laser Hair Removal Program, you must:

  • Currently be enrolled in the Electrology Hair Removal Program
  • Have completed the Electrology Hair Removal Program
  • Be a licensed electrologist, physician’s assistant or medical doctor.

This is a 30-hour program that includes 10 hours of clinical work. The program provides a thorough education in laser hair removal and reduction. We teach students how to use both light-assisted and laser hair removal systems. They learn the anatomy of hair and how it grows as well as the theory and history of this type of hair removal. We work to ensure that our graduates know how to talk knowledgeably to their clients about laser hair removal, answer questions and provide advice. We also cover both state and federal regulations in the industry.

We are proud that in 2013, 100 percent of our students who completed this program passed their licensing exam, and over three-quarters found work in their chosen field. Graduates must be licensed in Florida to work in the field. In addition to the state licensing exam, they can also take a test to be certified nationally.

Employment Opportunities for Laser Hair Removal Specialists

There is no shortage of laser hair removal businesses in Florida. However, there are other opportunities to practice your profession after you graduate. These include spas, salons, cosmetic surgery centers and resorts. We’re in the midst of one of the premier vacation areas in the world, so there’s no shortage of opportunity in the hospitality industry for beauty professionals of all kinds.

Call us at Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers or fill out our online form to get more information about our electrology and laser hair removal programs, and get started on a whole new exciting part of your life.

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