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Hair Care for Humid Weather – Tips from a Cosmetology School in Florida

Hair Care for Humid Weather – Tips from a Cosmetology School in Florida

Cosmetology School in Florida

Florida is a popular vacation spot for tourists, fisherman, watersport enthusiast, and individuals who love exploring history. There’s so much to see and do no one will ever to be able to explore every inch of the sunshine state in one visit.

One feature about the state everyone can agree on is the humidity during the summer months in the state. During the months of July, August, and September have an average of 87 to 91 percent humidity in the early morning. The high humidity can affect hair by causing it to stretch out since it’s absorbing the moisture in the air.

Due to this fact, many people struggle with keeping the appearance of their hair stable when visiting Florida during these high humidity months. Hair may frizz in the air, puff out, or in some cases seem impossible to wrangle into a neat looking hairstyle.

Moisturize Often

Students learn how to properly style and care for hair at the Hollywood Institute school of cosmetology in Florida. While moisturizing hair in an already humid environment seems counterintuitive, it fights back the effects humidity will have on a hairstyle. There are plenty of products specially formulated to help tame hair without adding extra weight to keep it down.

Our recommendation is to apply a deep conditioner at least twice a week during a bath or shower. Towel dry the hair by patting rather than using the towel vigorously and then add in a product to boost shine and to prevent frizz. This will help to keep the hair from expanding in the high humidity and also help it to hold its shape if styled.

Let the Curls Flow

Hair in the summer should be casual and relaxed, allowing the natural waves to shine through. Flat irons and other similar hair tool products should be packed up for the summer season since it won’t do much good for hair styling in Florida weather. Adding a diffuser attachment to a dryer will bring out soft curls, but allowing hair to air dry is recommended too.

Hair can be easily damaged due to stress and over drying, so a balance between the two is strongly recommended.

Invest in the Right Hair Style

Cosmetology School in FloridaThe right style can be hard to maintain during the summer season in Florida, but people do have options. The humidity can be difficult to go for intricate hair styles that may become undone or messy due to the hair absorbing the moisture in the air. Stick to ponytails and other variations during the summer months to avoid stressing the hair out further. There’s plenty of timeless styles to choose from like a bun or loose chignon that are easy to do on short notice. Long braids and side swept ponytails are usually part of the trend during the summer season too.

Avoid Heavy Products & Intricate Styles

The main mistake people make when caring for their hair in humidity heavy areas in Florida is trying to weigh down their hair with products. Intricate hairstyles can be ruined due to the hair absorbing the moisture in the air and expanding. Use of flat irons can actually damage the hair and stress it out, further ruining its structure. Until new hair grows in this damaged hair can be hard to care for and style since it’s been so heavily treated.

Avoiding an overuse of products to ‘weigh’ hair down will ensure the integrity of the hair. Encourage natural waves and curls to come through and stick to summer hair styles instead of intricate ones that can become easily undone.

Students learn at the cosmetology school in Florida their career field is more than just learning about how to apply make-up and style hair. They learn about the anatomy of these complex systems of the human body and how to properly care for them. Knowing how they work and developing a strategy to keep these areas of the body healthy will bring out the best in them.


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