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How do Perms Work? Learn More at Cosmetology School

Cosmetology SchoolCosmetology is an excellent career path filled with opportunities for growth, creativity, and independence. Taking the next step forward to pursue a new career is a momentous decision, but in cosmetology school people have the opportunity to develop the skills they need to succeed. Over the course of a student’s attendance they’ll learn different aspects of cosmetology including how a perm works and practice other useful skills during their attendance.

What is a Perm?

Perms are permanent waves which is a chemical process used to change the texture and structure of hair. The size of the perm or roller rod can turn curly hair straight or straight hair curly. Setting a permanent wave down can be done by a professional cosmetologist to produce the desired results for the customer.

Over the Counter Kit or Professional?

Cosmetology is considered a ‘beauty career’ which is focused on bringing out the best features in people. Here at the school of cosmetology our courses cover the basic skills and topics students need to learn in order to pursue a fulfilling career. This includes being able to identify the condition of hair to determine if it’s ready to go through the perm process.

Hair that has been over processed or heavily processed is not recommended for a perm. The best recommendation would be to put the hair through a heavy conditioning process or a haircut to reverse the damage. Healthy hair is the best candidate for a perm since it will respond to the process better. When the hair is healthy enough, the process can begin right away and usually doesn’t take more then one to two hours to complete.

What are the Preparations for a Perm?

Students will learn how to prepare and perform several beauty services for their customers at cosmetology school. Perms are one of the easiest processes to learn and some people may have even performed one on themselves with an over the counter kit.

When preparing for a perm, the client’s hair has to be washed and gently conditioned. Once washed the hair has to be parted into ¼” narrow sections. The reason for the separation is the hair can not to be wider than the roller or rod being used. The rollers also keep the hair from being damaged by the perm solution.

What Do the Rollers or Rods Do During the Perm Process?

Using rollers or a rod during the perm process can be difficult and people don’t often take them into consideration. Rolling hair into either of these items can be tricky depending on the thickness of the hair, but the process is easy once people get the hang of it.

The rods and rollers work in a variety of ways to make hair curlier or straight. The thickness of the rod determines how much curl the hair will get once the process is complete. Thin rods will produce a tighter curl while thicker ones will produce less. The largest rollers are used to straighten out curly hair or to produce a wave effect.

How Does the Perm Solution Work?

school of cosmetologyStyling hair can be a challenge depending on the condition and thickness of the hair. The perm solution helps to smooth out the process and produce the desired effect for the hair. Once the entire head of the customer has been rolled up, a special solution called thioglycolate is applied to each roller or rod.

How it works is the solution restructures the entire hair shaft by breaking down disulphide bonds and raising the cuticle layer. The thickness and texture of the hair determines how long the perm solution takes to work which can be anywhere from ten to twenty minutes.

Once the solution is done the solution is rinsed off with warm water to neutralize its effect. Once the rollers have been rinsed and removed the hair itself is given a quick run of warm water too. When the hair begins to dry the texture of the hair is changed and should start showing the results of the curls immediately.


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