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How the Top Cosmetology Schools Utilize Anti-Aging Cream

Everyone ages, it’s a fact of life. Another fact? Some age more gracefully than others. Why and how does this happen? Aside from genetics and conditions out of your control, you can chalk most of it up to how you take care of your skin over your lifetime. There are many things that you could and should be doing, but so many people neglect these things and pay the price for it when wrinkles surface, sun spots start to show, and skin starts to sag. Top cosmetology schools teach that there are many methods to utilize that include anti-aging cream application to slow down the aging process. But first, you should know that in order for anti-aging cream to have its positive effect, you should never forget to take great care of your skin on a routine basis.

Moisturize Skin from the Inside and Out

Woman with healthy, glowing skinConsistently dry skin is one tremendous cause of aging that can be avoid by simply making sure to keep your body hydrated on the inside and out. What are the best ways to do that? Purchase a face moisturizer equipped with SPF sun protection, and apply it as a general rule – once a day in the summertime, and at least twice a day in the winter, when skin tends to dry out faster. These guidelines may change depending on your skin type; for example, if your skin stays oily, you may want to consider moisturizing less, dry skin type may need to moisturize more. Keep in mind that many moisturizers contain an anti-aging formula within them, making them a great “go-to” two in one product.

Also, you cannot expect for your skin to be hydrated if you moisturize topically only. What does that mean? It means that every single one of your body’s organs requires an adequate amount of water to function at its best and most efficient – your skin is no different. Bodies that aren’t adequately hydrated typically look dried out, and often have to deal with blemishes and imperfections on a regular basis. Hydrated bodies, on the other hand, appear to beam with beautiful, flawless skin.

Apply the Eye Cream

According to some of the top schools of cosmetology, one vital step in the anti-aging process is to apply eye cream regularly. Eye cream comes, usually, with an anti-aging formula within, so it serves as both a moisturizer for around the eyes while it tightens sagging skin. All you need to do is gently rub a bead’s worth of eye cream from underneath your eye toward your nose, using a sweeping motion until the cream disappears completely. Be careful not to rub or pull too hard, as you can damage or cause further pulling and aging to the soft, delicate area below the eye!

Apply a Night Treatment

The last thing to do in an anti-aging regimen is to apply an anti-aging treatment to the face at night. After your make up has been removed, and the face cleansed with a gentle cleanser, with the face still damp, apply your night treatment. Anti-aging night treatments usually contain enzymes, antioxidants, and retinoids that usually work better on damp skin, so do make sure that your face isn’t completely dry. Bear in mind that you can always use a little less than you might a moisturizer, when it comes to night creams, because the product is usually a little thinner, smoother, and easier to spread.

When Should You Start?

That’s all great information, right? But it doesn’t really help you if you apply this anti-aging skincare regimen at the wrong time. The bottom line is that you can wait until it’s too late to start, when you’re dealing with features that cannot be completely reversed, but you can also start too soon.

Simply stated, you can’t expect great results if you don’t start early enough – anti-aging creams will help slow down physical signs of aging, but it won’t reverse them. On the contrary, understand that starting products too young won’t usually do anything but drain your pocketbook or irritate your skin. In your 20s and into your 30s, the most significant steps you can take to slow down aging? Be vigilant in applying sun protection, and cleanse and moisturize your skin daily. Anti-aging skin care products claim to increase cell turnover and repair collagen breakdown, and when you’re in your 20s and 30s, your body does most of that on its own.

When determining the best way to care for your skin, especially amidst the aging process, doesn’t it help to have the guidance of a top cosmetology school? Don’t neglect your skin completely and expect for one daily application of anti-aging cream to do what a lifetime of good skincare habits can without it.


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