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How to Choose a Hair Straightener

How to Choose a Hair Straightener

Hair straightening is one of the most popular styling techniques out there and students at the cosmetology school in West Palm Beach learn all about this technique.

There are articles and debates on the topic that stream out daily. There are many ins and outs when it comes to hair straighteners and a few of these tips get buried during these discussions.

Made of the Right Stuff

Ceramic and tourmaline are hotly debated topics when it comes to choosing the right kind of hair straightener. People who attend cosmetology school in West Palm Beach will learn all about the differences between these two.

In a nutshell, ceramic has the age old reputation among hair stylists of providing high-quality results for both professional and personal use. The inorganic, non-metallic material produces negative ions which help to straighten out hair. The heat is evenly distributed so there is less potential for heat damage to occur. Higher quality ceramic straightening irons are constructed out of complete ceramic plates. Other hair straighteners have a coating of ceramic with titanium or aluminum plates. Their ceramic coating can start to wear away over time which creates uneven heat distribution and raises the potential of damaging hair.

Tourmaline is a newer technology to hit the world of hair styling recently and is also discussed frequently. The crystalline mineral is produced organically and is able to produce six times the negative ions compared to ceramic. When these ions come into contact with the positive ones of the dry hair, it creates a neutral charge which helps to play the cuticle flat for a frizz free hair.

Preparation Beforehand

Young professional getting experience to market herself for a future in cosmetologyOne of the other topics covered frequently at our affordable school of cosmetology in West Palm Beach is the preparation beforehand for hair straightening. These tips are discussed frequently and strongly encouraged to have the ideal results when it comes to the hair straightening process.

Preparing hair beforehand makes it easier to work with and ensures there is a lowered potential of heat damage occurring. The first step is to always shampoo and condition hair prior to straightening if possible. Heat protectant spray should also be used which helps to keep hair from being overexposed to the heat of a hair straightener.

Proper Control

One of the mistakes people make frequently, even students at an affordable cosmetology school in West Palm Beach is knowing the type of components they should look for in a hair straightener. There are a variety of hair straighteners out on the market that varies in size, brand, power, and even the materials they’re made from.

Always choose a hair straightener that is either coated with ceramic or tourmaline for the ideal hair straightening results. The hair straightener people choose should also have heat control and a digital display to show the temperature of the flat iron. The reason people should go for hair straighteners with temperature control is due to the fact too much heat or too little can mess up straightening results.

The general rule of thumb taught at our cosmetology school in West Palm Beach is the finer and thinner the hair, the lower the temperature needed to straighten it out. The thicker and more robust the hair, the higher the temperature needed to straighten it out. Keeping this rule in mind will help to prevent heat damage and allow people to enjoy more effective straightening results.

Following these tips will enable people to pick out the ideal hair straightener for their personal and professional use. Keep in mind to pick out a good quality hair straightener which will last much longer than a lower cost one out on the market.


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