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How to Gain Real World Experience As a Cosmetology Student

At Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, we believe that hands-on, real world experience is just as important for our students as classroom learning. That’s why our cosmetology program includes many hours working in our state of the art clinic under the guidance of a licensed cosmetologist.

Interacting with Clients

This experience helps our students learn how to interact with a wide variety of clients and provide excellent customer service. As you begin your career as a cosmetologist, you probably won’t get to choose your clients. They’ll be all ages, income levels, personalities and likely have varying language skills. Your job is to make each one feel special when they are with you and better about themselves when they leave.

As a beauty industry professional, you will be interacting more intimately with your clients than people in most other professions do. You may be seeing them at their worst as you work to make them their most attractive. That’s a relationship that must be carefully protected. If they like you, they’ll tell others, and if they don’t like you, they’ll definitely tell others! People skills as well as cosmetology skills are essential to success in this career.

Real-World Experience at Hollywood Institute and Beyond

One way that our students gain important real-world customer experience is by working in our Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers Salon and Spa locations. Here they provide a full array of beauty services to clients under the supervision of licensed instructors. We have locations in Casselberry, Hollywood, Miami Beach and West Palm Beach.

Another way for students to gain some experience is simply to practice on friends and family. If you have a niece who’s going to prom, family members who are having a special photo taken, a friend who’s getting married, a sister who’s having a ballet recital or just a dad who needs a haircut, these may be opportunities to practice your craft.

Of course, be careful not to take on this responsibility before you’re ready. It’s also essential that people know that you are not yet licensed. However, you’ll find that opportunities are all around to use what you’ve learned and see the joy that you can bring to people by helping them look their best for a special occasion or just helping them change their look.

For more information on our programs, visit our website. You can also call us or contact us online. We want to help you become part of the beauty, health and wellness industry!

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