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How To Get Your License In A Different State?

How To Get Your License In A Different State?

It is not uncommon to receive your beauty degree in one place and want to practice in another. Perhaps you want to move home after finishing school to be near family or you want to pursue a better market in a nearby state. Whatever the reason, licenses often do not travel across state borders, so you will need to apply for a new license when you move. Here’s how:

Check Reciprocity

Some states have established reciprocity. This means, that if you fulfill all your program requirements and earn your license in a different state, they will honor your license and allow you to practice despite not having fulfilled state-specific conditions. Check the standards of the state to which you are moving to see if they will allow you to practice in your new state. If so, you will likely need to fill out paperwork before you can set up shop. If not, proceed to the next steps.

Complete All Requirements

In states where reciprocity isn’t allowed, you’ll need to meet state requirements for a cosmetology license. Those requirements may be different than they were in your state, but generally, if you have completed a beauty program in one state, it will at least count toward the requirements in another. Though the number of hours of study or practice required may be different, it is still possible that you will have to take another class or do more on-the-job training before you can get a license in your new state. Again, check the rules before you move and make a plan for completing all requirements, so you can get up and running quickly upon arrival.

Study for the State Boards

Sometimes a state will require you to take its state boards in order to earn your license to practice. Even if you have already taken the boards in the state in which you studied, those results may not count. The good news is that most state boards are roughly equivalent, so once you have passed one, you shouldn’t have trouble doing so a second time. If it’s been a while since you got your license, plan to refresh your knowledge by studying.

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