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How To Renew Your Cosmetology License

How To Renew Your Cosmetology License

If you have been practicing as a cosmetologist or esthetician for a while, you already know the basic steps for getting a license. However, when your license comes up for renewal, you may not be sure what to do. Follow along below as we outline the process.

Determining When to Renew Your Cosmetology License

There are several reasons you might need to renew your cosmetology license:

  • If the two-year renewal cycle, which begins and ends on October 31, is up
  • If you have a change of information
  • If you go from inactive to active
  • If you are subject to a disciplinary measure that requires you to take action

If any of these are the case, you will likely need to renew your license. For a regular renewal, you usually need to complete continuing education to keep your skills sharp and refresh your knowledge. Depending on the program, your required continuing education units will vary. For instance, a massage therapist would likely need to take different courses than a skin care specialist.

Finding the Forms

Licensing in Florida is controlled by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Board of Cosmetology, which offers several forms to keep your license current and accurate. These forms will help you if you’re applying for a license for the first time, if you need a duplicate license, if you’re renewing your license or if you’re changing your license based on any of the following:

  • Name change
  • Address change
  • Status change

Especially when applying for a license renewal, make sure all your documents are in place. If your license lapses, you will not be allowed to practice during that time. This could seriously impact your income and livelihood, so get out in front of the process.

Other Renewal Resources

Whether it’s time to renew your cosmetology license or you’re just browsing to find out everything you can about cosmetology school, you can learn more by contacting Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. School officials can answer your questions, send you necessary information and get you on your way.

If you are a past student of Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, you may find the Career Services Portal helpful for questions about renewals and job searches.

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