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Is a Cosmetology School Orlando Right for You? Find Out!

Cosmetology School OrlandoThe field of cosmetology is service based and as such it certainly isn’t for everyone, but there are definitely a number of people that it would appeal to. At a cosmetology school Orlando you will learn many different great skills related to the field including:

Hair Care – This is typically associated with styling but it can actually mean so much more! It could include typical maintenance cuts to ensure that your clients are presentable in their day to day life. Then again it could mean giving perms which many people consider to be an essential part of their everyday look. In addition to that, hair care often equates to hair health. We all know that proper hair health is essential to making sure that the right and desired style is actually achieved. For example, improper hair care in a humid area like Orlando would lead to frizziness which would make styling virtually impossible. In addition to that, split ends will make it even harder for you to keep the hair growing properly. As you can see, hair health is an important aspect of learning at a school of cosmetology Orlando.

Nail Care – Along with keeping nails healthy, you will also learn to properly style them. From typical solid colors to more intricate designs, nail care encompasses many different aspects. You could be painting, styling, applying synthetic nails, all sorts of activities that will help to bring out the best in your clients.

Makeup – Just as with the other parts of the field, makeup can be very complex and there are actually several different fields in which it can be applied. For example there are some who will practice it in a salon, and then there are those who will practice it in the motion picture industry. There are plenty of other places to practice and hone your art, but it all starts with graduating from a cosmetology school and having the appropriate degree.

Body Care – The last item we’re going to cover is body care. This includes activities like waxing, facial cleanses, and skin health, among other things. You will general find this type of cosmetologist working at a spa, though there are some salons that will keep them on staff. Overall, it’s one of the more important jobs in the cosmetology industry even if it is not the most well-known.

Outlook for a Cosmetologist in Today’s Climate

Part of determining if you want to attend a school of cosmetology Orlando is deciding whether or not the career is worth it. The first thing you need to know is that the 2015 Median Pay for a cosmetologist is roughly $23,710 per year with an hourly wage of $11.40 per hour according to the BLS. This pay is at the lower end of the spectrum however and it should be understood that with cosmetologists always in high demand, it is definitely possible to raise your worth and make even more money in the field. Quite frankly, the amount of money that you can earn as a cosmetologist can increase significantly if you hone your skills and find the right jobs.

As of 2014, there were a total of 656,400 cosmetology jobs, but it is estimated that the number will grow by an additional 64,500 by the year 2024, making it a pretty lucrative endeavor as it is growing 10% faster than average. It’s definitely a great field to get involved in and one that could easily provide you a career for many years to come. The right cosmetology schools Orlando will give you the opportunity you need to become great – don’t pass it up!

The last thing we’d like to mention is that in order to consider yourself a good fit for this job you must have excellent people skills as you will be working directly with the public and speaking with them on a regular basis. So long as you meet this basic requirement and have a passion for styling, you might have found your dream career.


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