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The Top Three Jobs for a Makeup Artist after Attending a School for Cosmetology Florida

If you’re thinking of attending a cosmetology school Florida with the intention of becoming a makeup artist, then you’ve definitely chosen a great career path – and with good reason. One of the greatest things about being a makeup artist is the amount of versatility in the field – makeup artists can work virtually anywhere. We can’t list every single potential job opportunity for a makeup artist, but we are at least going to cover some of the basics. Once you graduate from a cosmetology school, the world will be your oyster.

Television Studios

school for cosmetology FloridaThis is probably the most obvious of the occupations that one might attain when they are looking into careers as a makeup artist. Who didn’t know this one, honestly? Makeup artists are always needed in the makeup industry for a few reasons. First of all, they are great for manipulating facial features and making a person appear different on camera. For example, let’s say a television show requires an individual to look as if they have been severely burned – a good makeup artist can pull that off.

Of course, sometimes the makeup artist is tasked with making a person appear normal, which might sound a bit mundane, but it is definitely more complicated than you realize. In the face of a camera, most people do look a bit off, so to speak, and makeup artists are experts at normalization.

Beyond television studios, makeup artists can work for movie studios, taking their talents to the big screen. Of course this can be a bit daunting if you think about it too much, after all, your talents are going to be showcased to the world, good, or bad. A school for cosmetology Florida can definitely get you on the right track and ensure that you are ready to face the world.

Amusement Parks

So here’s one that you might not have even considered when thinking about a career as a makeup artist. Amusement parks can actually be a great place to work as there are usually a number of different acts that occur throughout the day. Let’s take Paramount’s ‘King’s Island’ for one example. It is an amusement park, yes, but it uses the park to showcase its many productions, one of which is Star Trek. Because of this, there are many Star Trek related characters wandering the park at any given time, and someone has to see to their makeup. This is just one example, and you can be rest assured that there are many other great amusement parks out there that give similar performance. Disney World, for example, requires makeup artists to address the concerns of their actors, such as the princesses that routinely wander the park. Working at an amusement park is definitely a great stepping stone for any aspiring makeup artist, even if it is only a small stop along the way to complete stardom.

Live Theater

thumb_Slide-1Finally, we come to the hallmark of makeup artistry: live theater. To overlook this one would be a complete and utter tragedy, as makeup artists will always be needed in theater. From a local production of ‘Hamlet’, to a Broadway revival of Phantom of the Opera, makeup artistry is essential in these acts to ensure that all of the players look exactly as the script intends.

These are three great jobs that makeup artistry can offer, and it is important to remember that you have to start at the bottom in order to become the best. An affordable cosmetology school Florida can help you to get to where you need to be, but as with anything else, it’s not going to be incredibly easy. You have many potential hurdles to overcome, the first of which might actually be financial aid for your schooling.

Don’t worry, schools will not only work with you on that matter, they will ensure that you are able to make your way through your courses and become the best makeup artist that you can be. There is no telling what kind of artist you will become or what kind of field that you will find yourself in, but you can be rest assured that hard work will pay off, and soon, you will land in a career, rather than a job. That’s all anyone can ask for.


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