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Jump into a New Career by Enrolling in Cosmetology School

Jump into a New Career by Enrolling in Cosmetology School

Cosmetology is an expanding career field filled with opportunities for creativity, personal growth, and meeting new people. Individuals who love working with their hands, being social, and crave being challenged will enjoy a career in cosmetology. According to BLS.Gov, there’s an estimated 10% job growth for the cosmetology sector to happen between 2014 to 2024. There is a growing demand for trained professionals, so taking advantage of this expected job growth now is an ideal personal investment.

What’s the Usual Workday like for the Average Cosmetologist?

Students who attend cosmetology school are taught an assortment of skills to ensure they have the greatest chance of success upon graduation. They’ll be ready for an entry-level position into the world of cosmetology where they can refine their skill set and continue to grow through practice and dedication. When taking a closer look at the world of cosmetology, people are pleasantly surprised to find out there’s a variety of ways to approach the career field.

Most cosmetologists get their start in a salon or barbershop where they have their own chair. This exposes them a pre-established customer base where they can build a reputation and a name for themselves through the clientele they provide beauty services to. During their time at the salon or barbershop, they may be required to sell certain products or items to help out which allows them to practice their marketing skills at the same time. Over time, cosmetologists will have an established base of clients who choose to only visit them since they prefer their services over another one.

When a loyal clientele base is established, cosmetologists have a wider range of options in their employment. They may choose to work from the convenience of their own home which allows them to set the hours they work instead of having a set schedule. There are yet other cosmetologists who may choose to open their own salon or may even travel to their clients to offer their beauty services.

How Do You Know if You’re a Right Fit for Cosmetology School?

Cosmetology SchoolAttending a cosmetology school is an ideal way to get jumpstarted into a new career since it’s an investment not only in yourself, but your future. When considering career options the first question people should ask themselves is this: is cosmetology the right career choice for you? While cosmetology is an excellent career choice that can be approached in a variety of ways, it may not be the best option for everyone.

Cosmetology requires high physical stamina since you will be on your feet at least six to eight hours a day working. While there are areas of cosmetology that allow you to sit down, it’s ideal to approach it that you will be on your feet hours at a time. One of the other cornerstones of cosmetology is interacting with clients on a daily basis and possessing strong communication skills to understand the beauty services they’re requesting. There will be times you may encounter a difficult personality and need to retain your composure when working with them.

Strong communication skills play a vital role in the world in cosmetology since they allow you to understand the client’s needs and even to make recommendations when necessary when offering certain beauty services.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Program?

There’s a lot to cover at a school of cosmetology in terms of teaching students the necessary skill set they need to succeed, how to market themselves effectively, and even aspects of the business world they can take with them anywhere. We use the Pivot Point approach when it comes to the education of our students, where instructors train students to think and act like designers. Students come to learn the theory behind cosmetology and the practical skills they need to master to succeed in their chosen career.

How it takes students to complete the program depends on the type of schedule they choose to attend for their courses. The program itself takes 1200 hours clocked into complete in full so students have a strong understanding of the world of cosmetology. We understand students have responsibilities outside of school they have to attend too which is why we offer a scheduled to fit around their lifestyle.

Students who attend the day schedule will take about a year and a half to complete their courses. Students who attend the evening schedule will take seventeen months to complete their courses in full. Together, we can help you to invest your future today.


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