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Kick Start your Career at the Best Cosmetology School

A good cosmetology school will train their students to pass the state cosmetology test, but a great school will look past that and train their students on handling customers and the real world application of cosmetology. Here at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers we strive to prepare all of our students with all the skills needed to excel in any field of cosmetology they wish to pursue.  We offer a large range of courses to cover many career paths in order to give our students the foundation they need to achieve their dream job.

General Cosmetology

school of cosmetologyGeneral Cosmetology creates a solid foundation for many beauty services and is standard in any school of cosmetology.  Our General Cosmetology course has been tailored to be as accessible and enlightening as possible. Our courses are available during day and evening hours and cover hair design, nail and skin care, and makeup. Students taking this course will be taught hair shaping and styling, facial treatments, hair removal, and makeup application.

Additionally, customers will be able to learn valuable customer service skills through servicing a wide array of clients. Students who finish this course will qualify to apply for the state examination for their license.

Esthetician and Skin Care

Our Esthetician and Skin Care course offers an education on the biological foundation of the skin while also teaching students how to properly utilize botanical peels, offer a skin consultation and analysis, and to perform skin cleansing and massaging procedures. In addition, students will learn how to identify mild to severe skin conditions, body waxing, and basic makeup application. Students will qualify for state registration and employment as an Esthetician at the completion of this course.

Nail Technician

Our Nail Technician course offers an education in proper care techniques for the hands, nails, and feet. Students will be taught proper massage techniques as well as safety measures such as sanitation methods in manicuring, pedicuring, and extending the nails. We teach our students to identify nail disease and as well as the basic types of nail extensions.

Students also will train their skills in chemicals, nail drills, and light cured nails. Once this course is completed students will qualify for state registration and will receive a diploma from our school.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy courses cover Swedish, sports, chair, and deep tissue massages as well as teaches students about reflexology and hydrotherapy. These techniques and this knowledge will allow our students to relieve pain and discomfort caused by injury, illness, or stress.

As with our other courses, this will prepare our students for state licensing and employment.


The Barbering course teaches students to keep up in the fast paced business of hair care. Students will learn traditional hair cutting and styling along with how to properly fade and shave customers. This course also teaches students how to handle the chemicals found in barber shops along with the artistic eye needed to suggest flattering color combinations and perms or relaxers. All students taking this course will be ready to take the applicable state licensing test and work in the most competitive barber shops in town.


Our Electrologist program expands upon the basic electrolysis education. On a personal basis our students learn the modern short-wave, blend, and multiple galvanic methods of electrolysis. Along with learning how to remove the hair, our students will be instructed on what method of electrolysis will be most effective on any given area.

Upon finishing this course students will be ready for state testing, Electrologists may not work without a state license in the state of Florida. Additionally, this course is a mandatory pre-requisite for our Laser Hair removal program.

Laser Hair Removal

school of cosmetologyThe Laser Hair Removal program at the Hollywood Institute offers a comprehensive education in the theory and practical application of laser and light assisted hair growth delay. In the curriculum is lessons on hair anatomy and growth, past and current application options for affecting hair growth, and the history of laser and light assisted hair removal systems.

Students will learn state and government regulations pertaining to laser hair removal along with being prepared for an exciting career in this field. Students must be a licensed Electrologist to take this course.

Dual Programs

Along with our impressive single courses, we offer dual studies programs for students who want to learn more. We offer dual courses in:

  • Massage Therapy / Skin Care
  • Skin Care / Electrology
  • Skin Care / Nail Technology
  • General Beauty Culture / Cosmetology

A History of Excellence

We here, at Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, have been servicing the students of Orlando, West Palm Beach, and Hollywood since 1974. Motivated by our personal goal to provide professional training in beauty, health, and wellness we have been servicing our students for more than 40 years. We regularly update and reevaluate our curriculum to keep our students on the cutting edge of beauty, health, and wellness. For more information about our school for cosmetology, or to schedule a campus walk through please log on to http://www.hi.edu/


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