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Laser Hair Removal Methods

Laser Hair Removal Methods

Laser hair removal is extremely popular and with good reason. It’s an outstanding way for nearly anyone to get rid of unwanted hair so long as their hair meets a certain type. There are of course some people who will be unable to make use of it or take advantage of it, but with that aside, there are three different types of methods that you will certainly learn about when attending laser hair removal schools in Hollywood Florida.

The Epilight Method

This method descends directly from the PhotoDerm, which was made specifically to treat unwanted hair. It’s a pretty simple method, making it easy for beginners, just out of laser hair removal school. The problem with this simplicity, however, is that it only allows some of the most basic settings. It is a bit weaker than some of the more advanced methods and many consider it to be the ‘training wheels’ of the laser hair removal industry. On the bright side, it does allow a non-physician to operate the laser, giving greater options to those looking for a cheap hair removal method.

The Diode Laser

Moving up from the Epilight method, you have the Diode which is definitely one of the more promising methods. The Diode system delivers a longer wavelength, and it’s better for penetrating the skin. Theoretically, it’s going to be a lot safer than a shortwave system, as it can penetrate the hair follicle without causing large amounts of damage. Right now, it is known that the Diode can treat skin types 1, 2, 3, and it is also adept at 4 and 5.

The Nd Yag

laser hair removal on legsThe Nd Yag encompasses a number of different systems which will include:

  • GentleYagPro
  • CoolGlide
  • Medlite IV
  • Varia
  • Athos
  • Lyria
  • Image

The greatest benefit of the Nd: Yag is that it can treat all six of the skin colors. ND: Yag systems do use longer pulse durations, and because of this, most patients report that the process is slightly painful. Still, it seems to be well worth it.

These are three of the most common laser hair removal methods, and you will certainly learn about them at a good school of laser hair removal. The most important thing for you to remember here, obviously, is that when you are learning this technique and taking these courses, you are doing much more than training for a job. You are jumping into a career that will change lives and give you the ability to help people in many different demographics. If you’re ready to take on that responsibility, then now would be a great time to give us a call and see what we have to offer you. It might not be too long before you’re helping people out and making a good living in the process.

At Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers financial aid is available for those who qualify, which may help you to get your foot in the door, and ultimately jump into the best career of your life. This is a growing field that has plenty of openings. Your future awaits, and so do all of the clients that you’re going to help.


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