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Laser Hair Removal Tips – Hair Types and their Issues

Laser Hair Removal Tips – Hair Types and their Issues

In nearly any beauty regimen, the removal of unwanted hair is going to be critical, and understandably so. Many men and women find themselves tired of constant shaving and waxing. Not only is it time-consuming, it can sometimes be extremely painful, depending upon the type of hair and the circumstances.

Laser hair removal itself can be painful, depending on the person and the intensity of the beam, but the long-term results simply cannot be denied. One thing you’re going to learn at our laser hair removal school in Hollywood, FL, however, is that there are some skin types that have a harder time with laser hair removal than others.

Fair Skin and Blonde Hair – A challenge for Laser Hair Removal

One of the biggest problems with laser hair removal that has not entirely been solved yet is the fact that blonde hair does not have enough pigment to effectively attract the heat of the laser. That being the case, hair removal for these types is extremely difficult. There are, however, specially developed lasers that are fairly effective, for example, the Alexandrite Laser works at a higher intensity, promising permanent hair reduction or removal.

Brown Skin and Hair Removal

While blonde hair can be a problem, brown or dark skin can definitely prove to be more of a challenge. The issue here is that the laser can have a hard time telling the difference between the skin and the hair. The colors are often the same, or they are at least very similar. Believe it or not, something important that you will learn at our school for laser hair removal is that this can damage the surrounding tissue. This can cause permanent scarring as well as discoloration of the skin, which is definitely not the result that the client is going for. The best solution on the market for this type of skin is the Nd:Yag laser which has been proven effective for treatment.

Olive Colored Skin

img_laserIf your client has olive skin and dark hair, then they’re in luck, because this is the most effective combination for laser hair removal. There is a good distinction between hair and skin colors, so the laser will have no problem identifying the hair follicle. In addition to that, as you already know, laser hair removal works much better on darker hair, so you already have a two for one deal.

Types of Hair

On the body, there are two different types of hair:

  • Vellus: This is the short hair that covers most of the body, you can find it everywhere apart from the palms of the hand and the bottoms of the feat.
  • Terminal: This is smaller, invisible hair and most people don’t notice it.

Terminal hair, in contrast to vellus hair, is heavily pigmented and very visible. That being the case, it is the most commonly targeted hair for individuals that are seeking laser hair removal.

Time Frames for Hair Removal

log1The removal of hair can take several months, which comes as a surprise to most clients. Because hair grows in cycles, and not all of the hairs are in the same cycle at the same time, the sessions need to be scheduled several weeks apart. Six sessions, for example, can take six months, assuming the sessions are set three weeks apart. Fortunately, most people will begin to see improvement within the first six months, which should come as a bit of relief to those seeking the procedure. Just remember that every single person is different, and with that being the case, the time can vary. Oftentimes, you will run into trouble spots, and in men, it tends to be the moustache area of the face where the hair begins to re-emerge.

Our laser hair removal school programs will teach you these facts, and more, as you emerge into the world where laser hair removal is not only becoming more popular, but more affordable. Give us a call today and talk about enrolling in one of our extensive programs.


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