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Learn how Humidity Affects Hair at a School of Cosmetology

There are many things that you will learn at a school of cosmetology, from the treatment of customers, to the use of nail polish, and a ton of other industry related items, but there are some pieces of knowledge that stand out among the others. For example, what is it that makes hair frizzy during warm weather? If you’re going to major in cosmetology, this is something that you need to know, especially when you live in a state like Florida. Let’s talk a bit about how humidity affects hair – it’s just one of the amazing things that you’re going to be learning at our affordable cosmetology school.

Understanding how Humidity Affects Hair

affordable cosmetology schoolNo matter where you live, humidity is going to affect your hair at some point and it’s going to cause frizz. That being said, you need to know why, and a lot of it has to do with the environment that you’re residing in. Hotter tropical areas obviously produce more humidity and an interesting fact about hair, is that it is hydroscopic. In other words, it is able to exchange water molecules with the air, whether moist or dry. To put it simply, hair absorbs moisture, and that in turn causes swelling. Actually, hair can swell as much as 16% of its original diameter due to moisture, and this change in density will cause numerous issues.

How it Affects You

One very important thing that we would like to emphasize is that everyone is different – every single person. That being the case, the effects of humidity on hair are going to be different for each of us. Generally, however, it’s going to mean that the hair on the head does not react predictably to any sort of styling. Not only is every person different in their own way, every hair on your head is different, which is something you will study at cosmetology school. Because of the difference in each strand of hair, it should come as no surprise to you that some will absorb water in different ways than others. If you look at a person who is suffering the effects of humidity, there is a good chance that the damage will be completely uneven, and that it will be very difficult to control. In the end it all depends on your hair type, but the bottom line is that it will not be a fun state of affairs.

Types of Hair

As we mentioned before, everyone has a different type of hair and with that in mind, you must consider different solutions for different hair types.

Curly HairAt a school of cosmetology you will be taught that hair which is naturally curly will be more prone to fizziness than straight hair. Curly hair has rougher cuticles and if you can, you should avoid making contact with it or causing any type of friction as this will cause even more ‘damage’.

Straight HairThe same rules apply for straight hair, though it might not be nearly as problematic as curly hair. As always, styling products can help to keep hair a bit more lightweight during the summer months, and it is strongly recommended that you try to keep your hair loose to prevent serious problems.

A Word About Hair Damage

You have enough to worry about when it comes to perfectly healthy hair, even though you’re going to deal with some water absorption either way. Did you know that healthy hair will absorb about 15% of the moisture it comes into contact with while damaged hair can retain up to 55% which is a huge difference.

There are multiple solutions which will be taught in detail at our school of cosmetology. Not only will you learn to take care of your own hair properly, but also your client’s hair which is highly important. In the end you will learn valuable skills that will take you far beyond the classroom and into a career that you can love.


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